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Writers Strike Update: Golden Globes Cancelled!

January 9, 2008

     In case you’ve been living under a rock lately, you know that the Writers Guild of America (WGA) is currently on strike.  Seeking their fair share of profits on all revenue-generating media, the WGA has stuck to the pickets lines for about nine weeks, putting them at odds with the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers (AMPTP).  From the very beginning of the strike, the public has come to the side of the writers, but it isn’t until recently that people have started to become downright outraged at the AMPTP.  Everyone wants this strike to end, and fortunately (for the writers and crews, not us) on January 7, 2008, the WGA won a major battle in the ongoing war with the producers- the Golden Globes ceremony was cancelled.
     This news comes after the announcement that members of the Screen Actors Guild refuse to cross the picket lines to attend the Golden Globes.  Seeing as pretty much every star in Hollywood is a member of the SAG, and the whole reason people watch the ceremony is to see their favorite stars, the show was wisely cancelled.  NBC (who really could have used some good ratings…) will instead air a one-hour news conference that will announce the winners.  See a list of nominees here.

     This is great news for the writers.  The cancellation will not only create fear that the all-important Academy Awards will be cancelled, it is sure to cause even more uproar against the AMPTP and bring the strike one step closer to an end.  Personally, I’m a bit sad to see the Golden Globes cancelled.  They’re infinitely less pretentious more enjoyable than the Academy Awards, but I’m perfectly happy to give them up if it helps out out the thousands of writers and crew members who are presently out of work.  What do you all think?  Happy?  Sad?  Bitter?  Give your opinion in the comments below.