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10 Movies That Are Always On TV

October 21, 2009

We’re right here at the middle of the week.  Some call today hump day, but TBOJ calls it List Wednesday!  This week, I’m counting down the 10 movies that I see playing on TV more than any others.  This is not really a countdown of quality, but one of frequency, because I think we all know that USA, TBS, TNT, and apparently now the Weather Channel, all play the same movies over and over again each weekend.  You know, there’s something kind of nice about watching a movie on TV.  It’s comforting, predictable, and somehow, even though you may already own the DVD, you feel a certain desire to watch the TV version.  It’s like hearing a great song on the radio: the fact that you didn’t choose it makes it even better! Anyway, here are the 10 films that I feel like are always on TV:

10. National Lampoon’s Vacation

This one always came on when I was younger, but it plays less frequently these days, which is a shame.  I swear, I’ve seen Grandma die and get strapped to the roof of the station wagon at least a dozen times, and it’s never any less funny!  Today’s kids have Wall-E, but they don’t have Wallyworld!

9. Twins

A classic Ahnuld and Danny Devito movie, in which the two play twin brothers.  Implausible? Yes.  Awesome? Of course!  I will always find it hilarious that Arnold is not only physically perfect, but he’s also the good guy, whereas Devito has to be short, fat, and evil! 

8. Not Another Teen Movie

The extent to which people enjoy this movie is based on their generation.  About eight or nine years ago, She’s All That, The Breakfast Club, and Can’t Hardly Wait were the movies that were always on TV, and this movie mocks them (and every other teen movie of the last 20 years) boldly, so if you know what NATM is referencing, it’s brilliant.  This is probably my biggest guilty pleasure flick.

7. Grease

You see the Greasers on the bleachers and the Pink Ladies at the lunch table, and you’re sucked in.  Say goodbye to your next two hours and just enjoy it.

6. Coming To America

Eddie Murphy is an African prince.  He moves to New York and looks for a wife.  That’s really all I know because I’ve never watched this movie.  I don’t know why, but for some reason I just feel like I wouldn’t like it.  I know to put it on this list because I see it on TV all the time, and then I change the channel.

5. Never Been Kissed

This Drew Barrymore back-to-high-school comedy is totally roofus.  Everyone can relate to feeling awkward in high school, and Josie-Grosie is just so unbelievably endearing.  Plus, I’m a sucker for Barrymore’s speech at the prom after the dog food incident.

4. Jumanji

I’m pretty sure everyone has seen this movie.  If you haven’t, then allow me to compare you to the fat rhino who just can’t keep up with the rest of the pack.  You’ve got Robin Williams at his best and most adventurous, Bonnie Hunt being awesomely paranoid, and Kirsten Dunst holding her own.  Add a cool plot and some amazing special effects, and you’ve got a blockbuster.  Unfortunately, Jumanji didn’t do all that well in theaters ($100.5 million), so I’m glad its gotten way more exposure on TV over the years.

3. Bring It On

Here’s a teen movie that isn’t completely stupid!  In fact, it’s got wit, attitude, a ton of beautiful girls, and a fun story tell.  Here again, in Dunst, is an endearing character.  Who isn’t rooting for a spunky, hard-working cheerleader who gets cheated on by her boyfriend, betrayed by her former captain, cry/dances in her room alone, and still tries to make things right and win Nationals?  This is a theme I’m noticing: endearing blonde women somehow make movies delightfully rewatchable… see #7, #5, #4, #3, and #1.

2. The Replacements

Boy is this a dumb movie, but really, no one wants to watch a serious movie on TV.  Between the constant commercials and the inevitable people that will interrupt you throughout, a ridiculous football comedy starring Keanu Reeves works just fine.

1. Legally Blonde
How many weekends in the last five years has TBS played this Reese Witherspoon legal comedy on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday?  It seems like its on a couple times a month!  But I’m not complaining, because Legally Blonde is just a funny movie.  The pretentious Harvard students, the admissions video, and the ridiculous perm-filled lawsuit are, like, so, totally, fabulous!

Now, I want to hear what you all think! Have I left off any movies that you feel are always showing up on the tube? Do you relate to these choices? Let me know in the comments!