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New Feature: Blu-Ray Sales Chart

November 25, 2009

Fellow Box Office Junkies, I am very, very excited about what I have just accomplished!  For the past few weeks, I’ve been earnestly trying to find some sort of reliable figures for weekly Blu-Ray sales, so I could construct a Blu-Ray Sales Chart.  I’ve never seen one on the internet, for Nielsen VideoScan doesn’t release sales figures for Blu-Ray releases, but I think that with the rise in Blu-Ray consumption, a convenient chart would be extremely useful.  Thus, I’ve been combing through websites, googling my fingers off, and looking through many forums, hoping to find accurate sales figures.  As it turns out, I couldn’t.  Therefore, I decided, “Hey, if no one else is going to bother making a chart, then I should do it! Someone has to be interested, right?” Thus, I’ve been doing my research, and I think I have devised a reliable method for calculating some Blu-Ray sales estimates.  Using a combination of The-Numbers DVD Sales Chart, Home Media Magazine’s Blu-Ray share charts (here), and my very own calculator, I have constructed what I believe to be the first ever Blu-Ray Sales Chart!

Now, keep in mind that the chart that follows is dealing with estimates only!  In no way can I be sure of what the exact sales figures are, but I did a good amount of math to make sure that these approximate values offered a good idea of Blu-Ray sales, and I think these are pretty sensible numbers.  Also, you should know that Nielsen VideoScan does not include Wal-Mart in its figures, so those numbers are not factored into the chart.  Finally, because this is the first time I’ve ever done this, I don’t have total units listed for any movies except the ones that debuted this week.  That’s just going to be the case for a while.  Thus, without further ado, I present to you TBOJ’s Blu-Ray Sales Chart.  It’s pretty interesting, and I hope you enjoy it!  Let me know in the comments if this is something you want to see on a regular basis.

Top 20 Blu-Ray Sales Estimates for Week Ending November 15, 2009
Rank Title Units this Week Total Units
1 Up 1,513,714 1,513,714
2 Monsters Inc. 278,221 278,221
3 G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra 166,206
4 Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen 121,854
5 Snow White And The Seven Dwarves 103,387
6 The Ugly Truth 67,209 67,209
7 Heat 53,888 53,888
8 The Taking of Pelham 123 53,736
9 Ice Age: Dawn Of The Dinosaurs 51,466
10 Monsters Vs. Aliens 28,004
11 Cars 27,852
12 The Terminator 22,100
13 Tinker Bell And The Lost Treasure 22,100
14 X-Men Origins: Wolverine 21,343
15 The Watchmen: The Ultimate Cut 20,284 20,284
16 The Dark Knight 20,132
17 Godzilla 18,165
18 It’s A Wonderful Life 17,408
19 Star Wars: The Clone Wars – Season One 17,256
20 The Boondock Saints 14,986


DVD Sales: Up Soars On The Chart, And That’s The Not-So-Ugly Truth!

November 25, 2009

It’s Tuesday, which means the DVD Sales Chart is posted, and holiday sales are definitely picking up on the home market.  This week, Disney-Pixar’s Up had a very high profile debut, but that’s not all that was going on in the DVD world. I think we all know the drill for these posts at this point, so keep on reading for my DVD Sales Notes and then the full chart. 

DVD Sales Notes

Up burst onto the scene in a big way this week, selling 5.3 million copies and earning a humongous $88.1 million in its first week.  It also topped the Blu-Ray chart.  Without a doubt, this is going to be the family DVD of the Christmas season, and as retail sales pick up substantially in the next few weeks, we could be looking at sales of 10+ million copies by years end.  It just goes to show that quality still matters in Hollywood.  Disney-Pixar are a quality brand, and people know it.  That’s why they’re so economically successful and consistent.

-In second place is the Katherine Heigl and Gerard Butler romantic comedy, The Ugly Truth.  It started with 1.1 million units and grossed $18 million in its first week, which is a fair result for the $88.9 million box office hit.  The Proposal (which has earned $63.4 million thus far) opened a bit stronger, though.  Its first week sales represented 23% of its total box office gross, whereas The Ugly Truth‘s first week sales were 20% of its total gross.  Still, unless you actually went and bought this movie, there’s nothing too shameful about this debut.

Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen and Twilight are both working their hardest to break the 10 million barrier before year’s end.  I can’t wait to see what kind of sales boost Twilight gets after New Moon‘s gigantic debut this past weekend.  Could it break back into the Top 5?

-Just as we saw the Halloween effect on horror movies a few weeks ago, we are now seeing a major Christmas effect on Christmas movies.  The Polar Express, Peanuts Holiday Collection, National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, How The Grinch Stole Christmas, and Mickey’s Magical Christmas all re-entered the chart this week, and they’ll continue to thrive over the next month.

-The TV-on-DVD performer of the week is once again Star Wars: The Clone Wars – The Complete Season One, but that’s just because there wasn’t another big TV release this week.  Star Wars sold 53,495 copies for an additional $1.6 million in sales.

Top 30 Selling DVDs for the Week Ending November 15, 2009
Rank Title Units this Week % Chg Total Units Sales this Week Total Sales Wks
1 Up 5,296,538 -.-% 5,296,538 $88,134,392 $88,134,392 1
2 The Ugly Truth 1,129,751 -.-% 1,129,751 $18,053,421 $18,053,421 1
3 G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra 816,726 -67.8% 3,355,303 $13,190,125 $54,188,143 2
4 Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen 518,531 -34.5% 8,082,694 $11,143,231 $181,861,284 4
5 Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs 518,001 -46.9% 4,000,052 $9,204,878 $68,373,108 3
6 Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure 343,745 -46.0% 2,496,540 $5,496,483 $39,919,675 3
7 The Taking of Pelham 123 282,835 -69.2% 1,202,562 $4,352,831 $18,507,429 2
8 The Proposal 217,688 -21.4% 3,813,587 $3,757,295 $63,353,318 5
9 Twilight 192,052 30.0% 9,389,559 $3,758,458 $169,435,287 34
10 Polar Express, The 174,786 98.4% $1,571,326 203
11 Monsters vs. Aliens 156,248 1.4% 4,044,614 $2,107,786 $69,719,794 7
12 Land of the Lost 141,418 33.9% 946,248 $1,624,893 $14,774,590 5
13 Aliens in the Attic 105,931 -65.5% 412,845 $1,860,148 $6,841,363 2
14 Peanuts Holiday Collection 97,986 -.-% $2,252,698 479
15 X-Men Origins: Wolverine 96,927 4.6% 4,048,648 $1,484,922 $68,270,234 9
16 National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation 94,808 -.-% $1,188,892 626
17 Tale of Despereaux, The 93,219 -.-% 1,417,364 $1,397,353 $23,851,299 32
18 Hannah Montana The Movie 87,393 -10.8% 2,938,238 $1,310,021 $50,021,750 13
19 How the Grinch Stole Christmas 85,274 -.-% $1,065,072 417
20 Mickey’s Magical Christmas 79,978 1.3% $1,278,848 419
21 Orphan 73,092 -47.1% 498,019 $1,314,925 $8,959,362 3
22 I Love You, Beth Cooper 69,914 -43.8% 194,304 $1,337,455 $3,450,841 2
23 Edward Scissorhands 59,357 -38.0% $617,378 480
24 My One and Only 57,203 -.-% 57,203 $971,879 $971,879 1
25 Dark Knight, The 54,846 32.2% 13,014,845 $547,912 $224,570,060 49
26 Star Wars: The Clone Wars – The Complete Season One 53,495 -65.8% 210,125 $1,604,315 $6,301,649 2
27 Battlestar Galactica: The Plan 43,961 -46.7% 306,234 $831,303 $5,790,885 3
28 Watchmen 34,322 -.-% 2,299,561 $975,431 $48,691,650 17
29 My Life in Ruins 27,956 -.-% 286,066 $558,840 $5,718,459 6
30 Legend of the Seeker: The Complete First Season 26,503 -.-% 167,597 $773,888 $5,308,797 5

DVD Sales: Ferocious Dinosaurs And Fairy Dust Lift Up The Chart

November 10, 2009

It’s Tuesday, and you know what that means: it’s time for the DVD Sales Chart!  This week, it looks like Tinker Bell cast a spell on the DVD home market, as there were three very well-performing DVDs at the top of the chart.  Indeed, Ice Age: Dawn Of The Dinosaurs, Tinker Bell And The Lost Treasure, and Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen had combined sales of 5.35 million DVDs for $97.5 million revenue, which is pretty great.  Keep reading ahead for my DVD Sales Notes as well as the full DVD Sales Chart…

DVD Sales Notes

Ice Age: Dawn Of The Dinosaurs‘ DVD Sales were hardly glacial this weekend, as the CG animated comedy sold 2.45 million copies for $43.6 million, but I’m surprised that they weren’t a bit better.  Considering that Dawn earned $196 million at the domestic box office, and that the previous film, Ice Age: The Meltdown, sold 7.9 million copies on DVD during its run, I would’ve though this might open higher.  Still, Christmas sales will benefit Ice Age: Dawn Of The Dinosaurs tremendously, and international sales will certainly be strong, for this film earned a huge $687.1 million internationally.  Overall, it’s a good start for Fox, just not especially spectacular.  A nice fringe benefit for Fox, though, is that the original Ice Age popped back onto the chart with $517,000.

-Disney has done a remarkable job of establishing the Tinker Bell franchise in the past few years.  Formerly just Peter Pan’s cute sidekick or the fairy that would always pop up on the screen to end Disney movies when they played on TV, Tinker Bell is now a bona fide commodity in her own right.  Tinker Bell And The Lost Treasure had a great first week of about 1.5 million copies, and $23.9 million overall.  Keep in mind, people, this is a direct-to-DVD release, so this is a fantastic start!  Disney has expanded its umbrella over young girls even more with the Tinker Bell franchise.  By creating a complete girl-gang of other fairies, and making these characters current, Tinker Bell and her friends will sell millions of dollars worth of dolls, books, and DVDs for years to come.  Wise move by Disney.

Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen had another strong sales week, though it fell a sharp 74% from last week.  Michael Bay’s action-fest sold an additional 1.4 million copies this week for $30.1 million, giving it total sales of 6.8 million copies and $155 million, which is quite strong.  (It should be noted that this chart does not account for the fantastic Blu-Ray sales, which stand somewhere around 2 million copies, according to my research.)  Transformers is also benefiting from relatively high prices.  By my calculation, Ice Age sells for an average price of $17.77, Tinker Bell for $15.99, but Transformers for $22.69.

-In fifth place, Orphan, the Summer horror film that found $41 million in theaters, opened pretty much where you would expect it to.  It sold  284,780 copies and $5.1 million.

-In anticipation of New Moon‘s release, Twilight is restarting its rampage up the chart.  The teen vampire smash popped up in eighth place this week, and it has sold 9.3 million copies for $167.5 million overall.  By Christmas, I’d bet that it breaks the 10 million barrier. 

-The TV-on-DVD performer of the week is Battlestar Galactica: The Plan.  (Sidenote: does every title have to have a colon these days?)  The television film found $3 million on the home market.

Below is the full DVD Sales Chart:

Top Selling DVDs for the Week ending November 1, 2009
Rank Title Units this Week % Chg Total Units Sales this Week Total Sales
1 Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs 2,455,003 -.-% 2,455,003 $43,622,948 $43,622,948 1
2 Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure 1,497,306 -.-% 1,497,306 $23,941,923 $23,941,923 1
3 Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen 1,400,334 -74.3% 6,843,127 $30,093,178 $155,222,989 2
4 The Proposal 298,774 -52.1% 3,314,840 $5,155,345 $54,744,965 3
5 Orphan 284,780 -.-% 284,780 $5,123,192 $5,123,192 1
6 Monsters vs. Aliens 179,952 -21.8% 3,733,454 $3,078,349 $65,046,217 5
7 Battlestar Galactica: The Plan 178,970 -.-% 178,970 $3,040,700 $3,040,700 1
8 Twilight 109,739 -.-% 9,306,970 $2,274,889 $167,537,109 32
9 Drag Me to Hell 85,925 -28.2% 543,940 $1,588,753 $9,550,040 3
10 Land of the Lost 84,943 -46.0% 699,173 $1,443,182 $11,399,995 3
11 Nothing Like the Holidays 79,297 -.-% 79,297 $1,585,147 $1,585,147 1
12 Edward Scissorhands 79,051 63.2% $825,364 478
13 Corpse Bride, The 71,932 53.7% $394,907 196
14 X-Men Origins: Wolverine 70,704 -23.1% 3,858,311 $1,083,412 $65,354,268 7
15 Ice Age: The Meltdown 68,772 -.-% 7,927,159 $971,748 $130,071,291 154
16 Transformers 65,058 -75.3% 15,700,876 $664,945 $286,820,124 107
17 Hocus Pocus 60,884 2.6% $410,358 387
18 Hannah Montana The Movie 57,938 -7.4% 2,751,623 $868,491 $47,224,392 11
19 The Wizard of Oz 54,010 -4.6% $998,645 658
20 Wrong Turn 3: Left for Dead 51,801 -52.2% 160,113 $957,800 $2,798,021 2
21 Dr. Seuss – Green Eggs and Ham and Other Favorites 50,573 -.-% $328,219 317
22 Year One 50,082 -19.3% 602,399 $850,893 $9,744,490 4
23 Katt Williams: Pimpadelic 46,891 -21.7% 203,412 $796,678 $3,455,970 3
24 Ice Age 45,418 -.-% $517,511 362
25 Ghosts of Girlfriends Past 31,179 -27.5% 987,442 $467,373 $17,375,866 6
26 Observe and Report 29,913 -.-% 497,746 $597,961 $9,288,470 6
27 The Last House on the Left 29,706 -18.6% 843,565 $445,293 $16,262,226 11
28 Barbie and the Three Musketeers 29,215 -25.6% 798,270 $437,933 $11,622,566 7
29 Spookley the Square Pumpkin 28,233 -33.5% $252,013 217
30 The L Word: The Final Season 27,516 -50.4% 83,032 $1,237,945 $3,291,482 2

DVD Sales: Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen Transforms The Home Market

November 3, 2009

It’s Tuesday, and that means it’s time for the DVD Sales Chart, complete with my DVD Sales Notes.  It was a very exciting week on the chart, as Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen debuted to some very big numbers.  Just how big were they?  Well, come on inside to find out!

DVD Sales Notes:

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen utterly dominated the competition this week.  Not that there was much… all that was willing to open against this juggernaut was The L Word: The Final Season and two direct-to-DVD horror films.  I don’t blame the other studios for being scared away, because this was a big debut.  Revenge of the Fallen sold an amazing 5.3 million copies in its first week, good for $122.5 million in sales!  This is easily the biggest home market debut of the year, and Michael Bay’s robot action film is already in third place among all 2009 DVDs for total sales, sitting behind just Twilight (9.2 million) and Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa (7.1 million).  While this is a great debut, it pales in comparison to the original Transformers‘ first week in October 2007.  Transformers sold 8.3 million copies in its first week, with 4.5 million of those copies flying off the shelves in just one day!  Revenge of the Fallen had a couple things working against it.  First off, people did not like it as much, and they were therefore not as likely to pick up the DVD.  Second, it’s not the fresh, new commodity on the market.  The franchise has been around for a few years, so it doesn’t have that sort of super-buzz around it.  Third, the home video market has taken a downturn in the last two years, and fewer DVDs are sold these days.  Still, Paramount should be happy with the $122.5 million in first week sales.  That’s still quite strong, and with Christmas right around the corner, expect sales to be solid until then.

-With it’s sequel hitting the charts, the first Transformers, which is pretty much a geezer in terms of DVD sales, marched back all the way to third place, adding 257,337 copies to its massive 15.6 million total.  With the additional $2.6 million in revenue from this week, Transformers has now earned a cuh-razy $286.1 million!

-In a second place robot sandwich, Sandra Bullock’s romantic comedy, The Proposal, drops 74% in its second weekend, selling 613,239 copies and grossing $10.5 million.  With two extremely likable leads (in Bullock and Ryan Reynolds) and a good theatrical run ($163.9 million) helping it, The Proposal has performed very well on DVD thus far, and it has earned $49.4 million in total.

-Since this week’s chart is for the week ending October 25th, you can see the Halloween sales bump quite clearly among related movies.  Next week’s chart should show this one last time, and then things will be back to normal, unless there’s some sort of Thanksgiving sales bump I’ve never noticed before… Anyway, movies that were helped out by Halloween this week: Drag Me To Hell (hey, it could have dropped by even more…), Wrong Turn 3: Left for Dead, Hocus Pocus, Edward Scissorhands, The Corpse Bride, Spookley The Square Pumpkin, Coraline, Saw V (also benefitting from Saw VI‘s theatrical debut), Matilda (I’m smiling), and Blood: The Last Vampire.

-The TV-on-DVD performer of the week is The L Word: The Final Season, though it’s nothing to write home about.  The show about lesbians sold 58,074 copies, for $2.1 million in sales.  Let’s see if it can pass Legend of the Seeker: The Complete First Season‘s $3 million total by next week… Read on for the full chart.

Top Selling DVDs for the Week Ending October 25, 2009
Rank Title Units this Week % Chg Total Units Sales this Week Total Sales Wks
1 Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen 5,327,878 -.-% 5,327,878 $122,487,915 $122,487,915 1
2 The Proposal 613,239 -74.4% 3,005,561 $10,488,779 $49,409,944 2
3 Transformers 257,337 -.-% 15,630,268 $2,586,700 $286,099,392 106
4 Monsters vs. Aliens 229,632 -39.1% 3,552,904 $3,940,921 $61,957,606 4
5 Land of the Lost 155,041 -66.1% 611,974 $2,612,441 $9,918,800 2
6 Drag Me to Hell 120,943 -64.2% 459,217 $2,236,236 $7,983,511 2
7 Wrong Turn 3: Left for Dead 106,558 -.-% 106,558 $1,810,420 $1,810,420 1
8 X-Men Origins: Wolverine 91,640 -48.0% 3,787,264 $1,419,788 $64,265,543 6
9 Year One 62,869 -57.3% 553,138 $1,068,144 $8,907,546 3
10 Hannah Montana The Movie 61,271 -42.4% 2,692,364 $918,452 $46,336,099 10
11 Hocus Pocus 60,738 -4.9% $363,821 386
12 Katt Williams: Pimpadelic 60,205 -37.7% 156,855 $1,022,883 $2,664,966 2
13 The L Word: The Final Season 58,074 -.-% 58,074 $2,148,157 $2,148,157 1
14 The Wizard of Oz 57,541 -26.9% $1,063,933 657
15 Edward Scissorhands 51,680 -32.3% $555,989 477
16 Corpse Bride, The 49,549 -31.9% $272,024 195
17 Dark Knight, The 45,553 -.-% 12,888,745 $626,354 $223,316,424 46
18 Spookley the Square Pumpkin 45,287 -33.3% $413,783 216
19 Coraline 45,287 -14.0% 2,132,928 $703,760 $38,840,691 14
20 Ghosts of Girlfriends Past 42,090 -42.3% 955,355 $799,289 $16,891,250 5
21 Saw V 41,557 -.-% 1,386,887 $498,268 $25,401,555 40
22 Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa 41,025 -.-% 7,060,997 $420,096 $102,791,511 38
23 Barbie and the Three Musketeers 38,440 -8.7% 768,225 $576,216 $11,172,192 6
24 Matilda 36,823 -.-% $275,804 640
25 Bones: The Complete Fourth Season 36,762 -40.7% 310,844 $1,378,207 $11,547,481 3
26 The Last House on the Left 35,741 -.-% 813,088 $535,758 $15,805,376 10
27 Bring It On: Fight to the Finish 35,697 -24.6% 660,193 $535,098 $11,432,375 8
28 Disney Nature Earth 35,043 -.-% 504,869 $700,510 $9,262,655 8
29 Blood: The Last Vampire 34,631 -.-% 34,631 $612,969 $612,969 1
30 Legend of the Seeker: The Complete First Season 34,098 -43.2% 94,145 $1,107,844 $3,028,748 2

Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen Passes $400 Million

September 7, 2009

 It happened this weekend!  The smash hit has grossed $400 million in the US, and $829 million worldwide.  Paramount’s pockets are very happy.

And The Winner Is… Transformers: Dawn of Fallen Dinosaur

July 6, 2009

After a nice, long, relaxing vacation, void of movie news but loaded with Michael Jackson mourning, I’m back to work.

The Fourth of July weekend is usually highly anticipated for big box office releases, but that’s usually when the fourth doesn’t actually fall on that Saturday. Some think this caused a dent in the releases, but they still seemed to just fine.

But we don’t have a clear winner between the top two at the box office. Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs and Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen both topped out at 42.5 million. Seems the family friendly cartoon did what popular family friendly cartoons do: make loads of money. When anyone who comes to these movies are guaranteed to tack on one to four little tykes, the profit margin is spectacular. And fans have cashed in their dollar votes: they like Michael Bay even when critics don’t. Nobody blows shit up like he does.

Coming in third was the Johnny Depp film Public Enemies with 26.2 million. I saw this film on opening night, and admired it more than enjoyed it. It is very historically accurate, but was rather stagnant. Not exactly a blockbuster, July 4th behemoth. It’s an adult movie, that is perhaps a nice distraction from the typical summer release.

The Proposal landed in fourth with 12.8 million. and The Hangover continued its impressive run, putting 10.4 million into its ever growing piggy bank, and landing it in fifth.

For good measure, Up might be losing steam, coming in sixth with 6.6 million.

Transformers Breaks The 200 Million Mark

June 29, 2009

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen blew up the record books, despite, or perhaps because of, its only upside being “blowing stuff up.” The movie has been critically panned, but that’s okay, a lot of times I’ll like movies critics despised, and so will the rest of we normal viewers who saw the film. Only I have heard such negative things about this movie I can’t possibly believe word-of-mouth is very positive. Apparently it’s like watching a giraffe pee all over the Mona Lisa: visually impressive, but absolutely horrifying to behold (come on, you know that would be a sweet image).

Despite this, it managed to pull in 201 Million Dollars in its first five days. It came dangerously close to knocking The Dark Knight out of its first place spot for that record, which I think would have caused a batman fanboy uprising like we haven’t seen since the great Batman and Robin debacle of ’97. Transformers put it’s name on all kinds of record books, including one of the biggest Wednesday openings ever. In fact, of it’s 201 million, only 112 came during the weekend. The rest was from Wednesday and Thursday showings, probably paid for by 14 year old boys ever, who probably loved it in a Megan-Fox-has-nice-boobies kind of way. Older guys still see that as a plus, but they still seem to notice some of the more atrocious aspects of the movie, like Robot Heaven. Now All Dogs Go to Heaven was a fantastic childhood film, but I don’t think celestial paradise for car-robots is as impactful. Oh, it’s also really fucking stupid.

But the damge is done, and the money is in. It also pulled in a cool 180 million overseas, which puts this as the king of the summer, and has put up numbers hard to beat. Let’s hope Harry Potter can work some magic, I know the fans are anxious.

The other new opener this week, the weep-fest My Sister’s Keeper fizzled at 12 million in its first three days. This was a little surprising, I thought it might pull a Mama Mia and draw in females and people over 30 who thought Transformers to be a little too boistorous for their palate. Alas, it did not, finishing in fifth place. The Proposal, The Hangover, and Up, managed to hold onto their high place in the box office rankings.

Transformers Demolishes Record For Wednesday Opening

June 25, 2009

Evidently the explosives used to make Michael Bay’s Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen were also used to completely destroy the old record for Wednesday openings. It racked in almost 61 million in its opening day, 16 of it coming from midnight showings. The previous holder was Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix which opened to 44.2 million. This is a huge blockbuster opening, and could put us back on the summer movie money train, which has hit a small bump. There were still some successes, but Up made in its first weekend what Transformers has made in its opening day, in the middle of the week no less. /Film estimates earnings from 150-170 million by the time the weekend is over.

After leaving the shit-tacular Year One in a daze on Tuesday evening, I was slowly brought back to life by the army of teens and tweens lined up to see this movie, two hours early for its release. The only people over 18 had brought painted boxes and dressed up like transformers themselves. I’m not judging. It was an impressive sight, and made me look forward to the next midnight release I go to, whatever that will be. Though I hope that one will have a smaller concentration of children. Even Harry Potter will bring in the ‘generation one’ kids that are my age. This looked like a Jonas Brothers concert, though perhaps the male/female ration was about 50/50 rather than 1-gay-kid/99. Again, not judging. But I gather the Jonas Brothers more successful with the effeminate.

Anyway, expect some triple digit numbers for the first time since Star Trek if my memory serves me correctly. Which it doesn’t, a little research tells me. We haven’t seen a triple digit opening weekend yet.

Until now.

This Week in Blockbusters: That One Movie… Whatsit… The Robot Thing

June 24, 2009

Just kidding. Tonight at midnight people will be lined up to see the sequel Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, the followup to the smash hit from 2007. Directed by Michael Bay, this is guaranteed to have spectacular special effects, lots of action, and shit blowing up.

I’m going to be completely honest. I didn’t like, nay, I almost hated the first Transformers. I watched it in a dorm room full of people, and managed to fall asleep on and off starting about halfway through, despite the ‘booms’ of explosions echoing in my ears. It was pretty funny, I suppose, and Megan Fox is so hot it’s not fair (I didn’t tell anyone, but I’m actually the kid whose flower she didn’t take), but I found myself exceptionally bored. I’m all for dumb action films that exists for pure entertainment, but I still look for some substance. I couldn’t find it in Transformers. Dumb action films, like dumb comedies, have to be smart to work (oxymoronic, isn’t it?) I don’t hate Michael Bay, at all. I like the Bad Boys series, despite their critical failures, and The Rock is one of my favorite action movies (though this is a little more plot oriented than some of this other work). The Island had an interesting premise, before it fell into utter chaos (but at least it was still entertaining chaos). Transformers just never made sense to me, I didn’t understand the film or why people loved it so damn much.

This film doesn’t seem to fare much better. I’ll go ahead and quote Roger Ebert here: ” If you want to save yourself the ticket price, go into the kitchen, cue up a male choir singing the music of hell, and get a kid to start banging pots and pans together. Then close your eyes and use your imagination.”

Ouch. It’s not getting sterling reviews yet, but you can’t always trust the tomato-meter, I’ve found. Though I doubt I’ll like it, I’ll probably see it for this:

and I’m sure millions of other people will spend their money on it. Expect this to blow away the competition this week, as it racks in a lot of cash.

I realize I didn’t give a plot synopsis like I usually do: Alien robots, that inexplicably have rubber tires as part of them, fight each other on earth, and sometimes disguise as vehicles. Explosions ensue. Shia Lebouf cracks jokes, Megan Fox sweats and wears sexy lip-gloss.

Excitement buzz: Me: 5/10, Everybody else: 9/10

This Week in Blockbusters: Sort of…

June 4, 2009

We seem to be at the beginning of a blockbuster hiatus for a few weeks. There are some solid movies coming out, but not what I would call a summer blockbuster until June 24th when Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen is released. Until then, we’ll have some decent runners. There’s a family film or two that could make some funny, and perhaps one of the comedies will be a summer surprise. That will partly be determined this weekend with The Hangover. It could rack in some decent cash, if word of mouth is positive enough. It’s a gross-out, road trip comedy about a group of guys who lose the groom at his crazy bachelor party in Las Vegas. Early reviews are pretty strong, so it has the potential. It’s rated R, which certainly hurts it, and the previews haven’t just made me thrilled to see it. They wake up in their hotel room with a tiger and baby in the closet, realize they have no idea what happened, and discover the groom is nowhere to be seen. I guess it has a relatively promising plot, so we’ll have to see if it’s as funny as some reviews make it out to be. But for some reason, Bradley Cooper just comes off as an incessant douche every time I see him. I don’t know if it’s his character in Wedding Crasher or his actual pointy-nosed faced, hopefully it’s the former.

Also released this weekend is the abysmal looking Land of the Lost, which looks like a bad retread of last summers already bad movie Journey to the Center of the Earth. It’s actually a remake of a 1974 TV show (which was remade first in 1991), and we’ll likely put this in the category of “shouldn’t be done.” It’s stars Will Ferrel, which will certainly bring in some audience. But the story seems awful and the special effects worse, and I can’t decide how funny it’s really trying to be. It certainly doesn’t look gut-wrenchingly comical. Early reviews are the worst I’ve seen in a while, with a whopping 5% on Rotten Tomatoes. I don’t have high hopes for it, critically or financially, but we’ll see how it does.