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New And News: Will Edge Of Darkness Finally Topple Avatar?

January 25, 2010

Every week, Monday means it’s time for New And News, where I summarize the week’s upcoming wide releases and share some of my favorite movie news articles from the past seven days.  Two new films are entering theaters this frame, and with When In Rome being one of the movies debuting, I couldn’t think of a more appropriate week for the other wide release to be called Edge Of Darkness, since When In Rome looks like it came from the bottom of the crappy romantic comedy barrel.  Still, it’s not just the new releases that are “dark” this week- so is the news!  Inside, you’ll find some great stories about Disney’s Sleeping Beauty spinoff, the Spider-Man reboot, and New Line’s The Hobbit!


Edge Of Darkness (Warner Bros) – 3,000 theaters – Reviews

On January 30, 2009 Taken debuted and took the box office by storm.  The story followed a man (Liam Neeson) avenging his daughter’s kidnapping, killing every adversary that got in his way.  Exactly one year later, we have Edge Of Darkness, which is essentially the same film.  Just replace Neeson with Mel Gibson and kidnapping with murder.  Advertising has been strong, and Warner Brothers is clearly trying to tap into the same audience that pushed Taken to a $145 million total.  Mel Gibson, who directed The Passion Of The Christ, has been a massively polarizing figure since his DUI arrest in 2006, where he was accused of anti-semitism, sexism, homophobia, and pretty much every other un-politically correct thing someone can be accused of. Personally, I like Mel Gibson. I think the man has film making in his bones (Apocalypto haters, back off), and though this hardly looks groundbreaking, I’m excited to see him back on the big screen.  This film has the best shot to take down Avatar this weekend, though I’m guessing that both films will finish somewhere in the $27-30 million range.

When In Rome (Disney) – 2,200 theaters – Reviews

Maybe Disney is trying to get an early start on Valentine’s Day with this romantic comedy, but it’s been pretty clear from the advertisements that Rome is not a very appealing destination.  In the movie, Kristen Bell plays an American tourist who takes three coins from the Fountain of Love, which is apparently a big mistake.  By removing the coins, Bell magically turned the three men (Dax Shepherd, Jon Heder, Will Arnett) who cast them into the fountain wildly in love with her.  Still, Josh Duhamel plays a nice-guy reporter who seems to have genuine feelings for her.  Hmm. I wonder who she’ll end up with?  One of the three average-looking guys that are under a spell to love her, or the handsome man that really does love her? It shouldn’t be too hard to figure out.  Reviews for the predictable rom-com should on par with other recent January releases, and I wouldn’t look for this to break out the way that Dear John and Valentine’s Day will in the coming weeks.


Maleficent May Get The Tim Burton Treatment

According to AICN, Disney, who’s gearing up for the release of Alice In Wonderland is looking to team up with Tim Burton for yet another live-action film.  This time, the movie would be a spin-off of the classic Sleeping Beauty, only this time, it would be told from the evil Queen Maleficent’s point of view à la Wicked.  Can we assume that Burton’s wife and muse, Helena Bonham Carter, will be playing the titular character? Probably, but I totally think Angelina Jolie could rock this part.  Either way, Maleficent sounds pretty cool to me!

We Scrapped The Old Franchise For Angsty Teen Spider-Man? Ugh.

Last week, Sony announced that they were scrapping production of the current Spider-Man franchise, instead opting to reboot the entire series with Marc Webb ((500) Days Of Summer) in the director’s chair.  Now, THR reports a few more details about the reboot.  First off, the new Spidey movie will focus on The Ultimate Spider-Man comic books, which take place in high school and focus more on angsty teen drama than the action.  Second, Sony has budgeted $80 million for the film, and while I applaud a major studio for trying to be frugal, that is simply not enough money to make an exciting superhero movie!  Ugh. I’m still bitter about Spider-Man 4 getting canned.

New Hobbit Film Likely Appearing In Late 2012

Maybe I’m just interested in this news because I’m reading The Lord Of The Rings for the first time and loving every second of it, but I think you all would care to know as well! Via Variety, the first part of the hotly anticipated Guillermo Del Toro picture, The Hobbit, will likely reach theaters in late 2012.  Delays up until now have been due to New Line’s restructuring.  Even though I’m still not on board with the idea of splitting The Hobbit into two parts, I can’t wait!


Weekend Preview: Tyler Perry Can Do Good (Box Office Numbers) All By Himself…

September 11, 2009

I’m still getting back into the swing of full time blogging after my Summer hiatus, so please forgive me for this shorter Weekend Preview, but I’m going to fail out of school if I don’t limit my time spent on this post.  This week, I’ll just make three observations about each new release, along with predictions:

I Can Do Bad All By Myself – 2,255 theaters – $27 million
1. Tyler Perry always does well at the box office, especially when he appears in drag as the Madea character.
2. This weekend last year, Tyler Perry’s The Family The Preys opened to $17.4 million.
3. Film is being distributed by Perry’s longtime partner studio, Lionsgate, and it should do very well with urban audiences.

Sorority Row – 2,665 theaters – $17 million
1. This movie has some fascinating casting that is certainly targeting a young, MTV audience: the cast includes Jamie Chung, a former Real World castmember, Rumer Willis, the celebuspawn of Demi Moore and Bruce Willis, Audrina Patridge, star of The Hills, and Margo Harshman, who starred on Disney Channel’s Even Stevens back in the day.
2. For a teen slasher flick, reviews really aren’t that bad!
3. Advertising has been very strong, and the movie looks like tons of fun, primarily because it doesn’t appear to take itself too seriously

9 – 1,661 theaters – $11 million
1. Tim Burton served as producer on this film, and it’s got all of his typically macabre visual touches on it.
2. Though this film earned a very solid $3.1 million on Wednesday, the sheer geek-factor of it will lead to a good bit of frontloadedness, so I wouldn’t bet on huge weekend numbers.
3. I’m not gonna lie, I think this film just looks weird, and not in a very appealing way.

Whiteout – 2,745 theaters – $7 million
1. I had not heard of this film until Wednesday, when I finally saw an uninspiring commercial.
2. Reviews are bad. I mean, very bad.  I mean, worse than All About Steve‘s.
3. Kate Beckinsale, why do you feel you can only appear in dark, depressing settings like the Underworld or Antarctica.  You’re beautiful- come out into the light!

Box Office Predictions for September 11-13, 2009
1. I Can Do Bad All By Myself – $25 million
2. Sorority Row – $17 million
3. 9 – $11 million
4. Inglorious Basterds – $7.3 million
5. Whiteout – $7 million
6. All About Steve – $6.3 million
7. The Final Destination – $6 million
8. Gamer – $4.6 million
9. District 9 – $4.2 million
10. Julie And Julia – $3.8 million

What about you?  What are your predictions for this weekend?  Am I underestimating or overestimating Tyler Perry’s box office drawing ability?  And does anyone else think Sorority Row looks as shamelessly entertaining as I do?  Let me know in the comments!

New Pictures Confirm: Tim Burton’s Mind Is The Most Horrifying Place Known To Man

June 22, 2009

Perhaps I was being a bit presumptuous, using the Cartesian argument that the mental realm is, in fact, a place, but let’s just pretend it’s true. Now imagine the part owned by Tim Burton. I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you shitless. But can you possibly think of a more horrifying place? The man is such a mixture of genius and madness I can hardly fathom the frightening beasts that storm around that twisted, brilliant imagination. Edward Scissorhands, The Nightmare Before Christmas, and Sweeney Todd are all great examples of just how differently this man thinks. It should also tell you something when his number one go to actor is Johnny Depp, another man whose mental realm would make my head explode like those dudes at the end of Raiders of the Lost Ark, seeing something so majestic and terrifying at once.

Next up for Tim Burton (Depp included, of course), is the reimagining of Lewis Carroll’s classic Alice in Wonderland. Some photos have been floating the net, showing off some major characters. Warning, some people may find these images disturbing.

Are you okay? Did you just have a mild stroke of fear? I understand. Helena Bonham Carter looks like a bobbing-head doll that isn’t afraid to split you from stem to sturnam. She plays the Queen of Hearts, and is quoted to have “a moat filled with bobbing noggins,” which I assume is Britain-talk for “this bitch cuts off heads and then swims in a pool with them floating around her.”

Meanwhile, I’m fairly certain Johnny Depp’s Mad Hatter (yes, that’s him on the left) could reach out and stab through this computer screen, all the while wearing that spine-chilling, gap toothed smile. A lot of people have been clamoring for, and I quote, “Johnny Depp to play the Riddler!” in the next Batman film online. I don’t think this is such a great idea, but what I’m suddenly keen to is having him play the Mad Hatter, who is an actual Batman villain, one who happens to be an Alice in Wonderland obsessed psychopath. Just have him dress like that and recite The Walrus and the Carpenter while walking down the street shooting people. And you thought that guy who played the clown was scary.

Anne Hathaways on the right, and I ask you, how is it she still looks beautiful when made ghostly white? You must be relieved, thinking that that’s the end of the terrifying pictures-wrong.

Perhaps that wasn’t scary enough, you probably couldn’t make out exactly what was going on. It’s Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum, and to get a clearer pictures, that’s them on the left. I’m sorry, I forgot in the story the eerie twins turn into The Blob and eat Alice for dinner and the Cheshire cat for desert. In Tim Burton’s mind, they do.

This movie is bound to be great. It’s obviously full of the bizarre, which Burton has shown he can do very well. It’s playing a sort of Hook trick, where Alice is a little older and has forgotten she visited Wonderland once before. Well she’s about to go back, and live in Tim Burton’s dream.

Which, for normal non-creative geniuses, gives me nightmares.

9: The Weirdest Looking Movie I’ve Ever Been Excited For

May 20, 2009

I left Star Trek happy about two things. First, the movie was excellent. Second, the preview for the movie 9 intrigued me to the point of elation. It’s a very different looking movie, with strange characters like none we’ve ever really seen, unique animation, an original and mature story, and set in an creepy post apocalyptic world where, it seems, a mad scientist created beings in order to preserve life.

I watched the trailer, in awe of the bizarre film I was previewing, and became excited in a way few movies do. In a summer (really, an entire movie era) full of remakes and sequels this seemed like a brilliantly crafted original idea.

Which is not entirely true. The original concept was first seen in the academy award nominated short film of the same title in 2005, embedded here:

Shane Acker’s film was respected so much by the likes of Tim Burton and Timur Bekmambetov that they decide to produce it into a full length feature film, with Acker in the director’s chair. Elijah Wood voices the title character, with support from Crispin Glover, John C. Reilly, Jennifer Connelly, Christopher Plummer, Martin Landau, and Fred Tatasciore.

I’m hoping to spread excitement for this movie early, because I think it has a lot of potential, particularly considering how cool the dialog free, 10-minutes short film was (did you watch it? You should). It comes out September 9th. Get it? 9/9/09. I haven’t seen such creative release dates since The Omen came out on 6/6/06.