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The Ultimate Third Wheel

November 29, 2007
     I saw Enchanted this past weekend with my younger sister (convenient excuse, right?), and the movie deserves all the praise it’s getting- it really is enchanting.  Amy Adams was simply phenomenal, but there is another performance that deserves credit- James Marsden’s.  As Prince Edward, James Marsden stole every scene he was in as the eternally gallant, stupid, brave, self-absorbed prince.  I laughed out loud twice just because of his facial expressions, and the guy is just a hugely charismatic, great actor.  I was thinking about his other roles, though, and I’ve noticed a certain, curious trend:  James Marsden always plays the third wheel- the guy who doesn’t get the girl.  Take a look at what I mean…

X-Men, X2: X-Men United, X-Men: The Last Stand
     As Cyclops, Marsden was the safe choice for Jean Grey, but deep down, we all knew she really felt for Wolverine.  He always felt threatened by Wolverine, and it was clear who Jean Grey had more passion for.  Oh yeah, and he got killed in the third movie.

Superman Returns
     It’s pretty clear that he’s the third wheel here, I mean, he married Lois Lane!  Somehow, Lois and James just doesn’t have the same ring as Lois and Clark.

The Notebook (yea, I’ve seen it)
     It’s almost sad that Marsden is the odd guy out here.  Though there’s nothing wrong with his southern gentleman character, no true romantic could ever want Rachel McAdams to marry anyone other than her beloved Ryan Gosling.

     I won’t give anything away here, but I will tell you that there is definitely a love triangle, and we know from history what kind of character Marsden plays…
There you go: I’ve made my case and shown you James Marsden in all his glorious third wheelery.  The only thing is, I’m a little bit worried.  If this guy can’t get a girl, what am I going to do?