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No-Shite News: S. Darko S. Ucks

May 14, 2009

Have you ever watched a movie and just sat as the credits rolled in thought, wondering “what the hell did I just watch?” You might not dislike it, you might even love it, but you’ll definitely need to watch it a second time to understand it. Of course you’ve done that, everybody has. They’re called ‘mind-f**ks.’ The Matrix or Memento are pretty good examples, but I’d say both of those are tame compared to the brain-stir that happened to me when watching Donnie Darko. I didn’t understand a damn thing the first time I saw that movie, but man I loved it. Thanks to Wikipedia, I could watch it again and have it make sense and I loved it even more. It’s a truly original plot mixed with social commentary and dabbles with philosophy. It really is a thinking-man’s (person’s, let’s be P.C.) movie.

It was by no means a huge success, but has gained a cult following on DVD since its release. So I was less than thrilled when I found out they were releasing a direct-to-DVD sequel focusing on Donnie’s younger sister Samantha, appropriately titled S. Darko. It looked like an obvious exploit to make money, completely devoid of original or coherent thought. Sure enough, reviews are out and reviews are baaaaaad. It seems they took all that was good in the first one, threw it in the sequel, mixed it with new stuff, and served up what seems to be a casserole from hell. It even has another creepy rabbit, which makes zero sense if you saw and understood the first film. They obviously just thought a sequel had to have a devil rabbit as well, solely because the first one did. Blech.

A good mind-f**k makes your head hurt, but always has a purpose behind it, and it makes you think to figure it out. This movie seems to just tries hurt your head. Not so much a mind-f**k, more like a mind-rape.

I still think I’ll check it out if it’s ever on some TV, for whatever reason people think it’s a good idea to air it. It sounds like it could be good for a laugh or two.