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Weekend Fix: For A 7th Weekend, Avatar Tops Box Office; Outgrosses Edge Of Darkness And When In Rome COMBINED!

January 31, 2010

Another week, another victory for Avatar… As expected, Avatar easily dominated the competition, grossing a record-breaking $30 million in its seventh weekend!  If you had combined the opening numbers of Edge Of Darkness and When In Rome, they still couldn’t have taken down James Cameron’s sci-fi blockbuster.  The alien film now sits just $6 million shy of Titanic‘s record as the highest grossing film in the US of all time.  Overall, it was a fairly lackluster frame at the box office, despite the fact that drops were pretty small across the board (with the notable exception of Legion).  The Top 12 films were up 4% over the same weekend last year, but when you look at all films tracking, results were actually down 4%.  Tooth Fairy held very well, dropping a scant 29% to $10 million.  That would be much better news if the film had had a solid debut.  Unfortunately, it didn’t.  If 2010 hopes to build on 2009’s success, it will need to produce some legitimate hits pretty darn quick, because the December team of Avatar, Sherlock Holmes, Alvin, It’s Complicated, The Blind Side, and Up In The Air, can’t half of the revenue at the box office forever!  To see my thoughts on the weekend, watch the video above (posts in the afternoon).  Then check below for the full box office chart.

Top 12 Box Office Hits For January 22-24, 2010
Rank Movie Studio Theaters Weekend Gross
Chg AVG. Total
Avatar Fox 3074 $30,000,000 -14% $9,759 $594,472,387
Edge Of Darkness Warner Bros 3066 $17,120,000 New $5,584 $17,120,000
When In Rome Disney 2456 $12,065,000 New $4,912 $12,065,000
Tooth Fairy Fox 3345 $10,000,000 -29% $2,990 $26,106,278
The Book Of Eli Warner Bros 3075 $8,770,000 -44% $2,852 $74,373,000
Legion Sony 2476 $6,800,000 -61% $2,746 $28,646,000
The Lovely Bones Paramount 2638 $4,735,000 -44% $1,795 $38,014,000
Sherlock Holmes Warner Bros 2250 $4,510,000 -32% $2,004 $197,596,000
Alvin And The Chipmunks: The Squeakquel Fox 2526 $4,000,000 -38% $1,584 $209,297,861
It’s Complicated Universal 2096 $3,720,400 -36% $1,775 $104,027,220
The Blind Side Warner Bros 1751 $3,020,000 -28% $1,725 $237,913,000
Up In The Air Paramount 1430 $2,700,000 -31% $1,888 $73,173,000
All Numbers Provided By Exhibitor Relations Co.


Weekend Fix: Avatar Wins For A Sixth Weekend, Doubling Legion’s Surprise #2 Debut

January 24, 2010

Friday Estimates: Avatar Holds Remarkably Well; Legion Stands Out And Tooth Fairy Disappoints

January 23, 2010

Early Friday Estimates are starting to come in, and while there is some box office news that is completely expected (Avatar dropping just 12% to $9.1 million and easily topping the chart), other news is quite surprising: Namely, that Legion came in a strong 2nd place on Friday, with a gross of $6.8 million, easily outgrossing Tooth Fairy, which entered the box office in fourth place with an opening day gross of $3.8 million.  From here, Legion should be fairly frontloaded, since it appeals to a fanboy audience, and it might see a final weekend gross of $16 million.  Tooth Fairy, on the other hand, should hold up throughout the weekend, since it appeals to families, and it might gross $13 million.  Further down on the chart, the weekend’s other newcomer, Extraordinary Measures, was DOA, earning a paltry $2.1 million on its first day, which should lead to a sad $6.5 million weekend.  Obviously, Avatar will top the chart (for a sixth week!) with a figure of about $35 million, while last week’s big opener, The Book Of Eli, will earn an additional $18 million.  Keep reading on for a full list of early Friday Estimates:

Friday Estimates for January 22, 2010
1. Avatar – $9.1 million
2. Legion – $6.8 million
3. The Book Of Eli – $5 million
4. Tooth Fairy – $3.8 million
5. The Lovely Bones – $2.8 million
6. Extraordinary Measures – $2.1 million
7. Sherlock Holmes – $1.9 million
8. It’s Complicated – $1.7 million
9. Alvin And The Chipmunks: The Squeakquel – $1.4 million
10. The Blind Side – $1.2 million

Weekend Preview: Brace Yourself For Tooth Fairy, But Avatar Will Win… Again

January 22, 2010

Three very poorly-reviewed films enter theaters this week, and while each of them will find some business, none will be able to take down Avatar, which will surpass The Dark Knight this Saturday to become the most successful film of the 2000s.  Tooth Fairy should open considerably better than Legion and Extraordinary Measures, and if you’d like to see my predictions for these newcomers, watch the video above.  (Side note: my video also features one of the official screenplays of The Hurt Locker that is sent to members of the Academy!)  Amongst the holdovers, things should be rosy.  The weekend following MLK Day usually sees small drops in the 25-35% range, and that should hold true this year, as well.  Avatar, fresh off its Best Picture win at The Golden Globes, will continue its series of ridiculously small drops and easily top the box office once again.  The Book Of Eli and The Lovely Bones should hold up well, too.  Robert Downey Jr.’s Golden Globe win should keep Sherlock Holmes‘ drop low, and overall, it looks like this will be a pretty solid frame at the box office.  Check out my full predictions below:

Box Office Predictions for January 22-24, 2010
Rank Movie Theaters Predicted Gross
1 Avatar 3,141 $35.4 million
2 Tooth Fairy 3,344 $22 million
3 The Book Of Eli 3,111 $20 million
4 Legion 2,476 $13.5 million
5 The Lovely Bones 2,571 $11.3 million
6 Extraordinary Measures 2,549 $11 million
7 Alvin And The Chipmunks: The Squeakquel 2,973 $8 million
8 Sherlock Holmes 2,670 $7 million
9 The Spy Next Door 2,924 $6.3 million
10 It’s Complicated 2,294 $5.7 million

Weekend Fix: You Try Coming Up With A Creative Avatar Headline Every Day For Five Weeks!

January 17, 2010

Friday Estimates: Book Of Eli Wins Friday, But Avatar Should Win Weekend; The Lovely Bones Starts Off Strong, Spy Next Door Doesn’t

January 16, 2010

Early Friday estimates are in, and for the first second third time in 28 days, Avatar was dethroned atop the box office chart. (Sherlock Holmes and Alvin took the top spot on their opening days…)  The Book of Eli was the film to finally topple it, and the apocalyptic action movie got off to a good start on Friday, earning $11.7 million, while Avatar found $10.5 million.  It will be a tight race to #1 for the weekend, but because The Book Of Eli is a new release, it should be a bit more frontloaded.  For the four-day weekend Eli might take in $39 million, while Avatar takes in $42 million.

The Lovely Bones had a surprisingly strong debut, grossing a very good $5.7 million on Friday.  I think the other analysts scared me away from a better prediction.  Everyone was saying this would flop, and I hesitated to guess a higher gross.  Still, all the pieces were in place for a good box office run: strong advertising, Peter Jackson, and extremely popular source material.  Oh well, it’s water under the bridge, or blood under the bones, or whatever at this point.  It should earn about $21 million over the four-day weekend.

The Spy Next Door found just $2.3 million on Friday.  (fail)

Sherlock and Alvin are both headed for something around a $13 million weekend, while all the other holdovers are performing jsut as expected.  Check out the full Friday Estimates below:

Early Friday Estimates for January 15, 2010
1. The Book Of Eli – $11.7 million
2. Avatar – $10.5 million
3. The Lovely Bones – $5.7 million
4. Sherlock Holmes – $2.9 million
5. Alvin And The Chipmunks: The Squeakquel – $2.6 million
6. It’s Complicated – $2.4 million
7. The Spy Next Door – $2.3 million
8. Leap Year – $1.9 million
9. The Blind Side – $1.6 million
10. Up In The Air – $1.5 million

Weekend Preview: The Book Of Eli Prophesies (Guess What?) Another Winning Weekend For Avatar!

January 15, 2010

When we look at the first two weeks of 2010, we’ve seen some solid box office results, but they’ve been due primarily to the popular December releases.  This weekend, which is extended due to Martin Luther King Jr. Day on Monday, it looks like 2010 might finally be starting to pull its weight.  The Book Of Eli, The Spy Next Door, and The Lovely Bones are all opening into wide releases, and each should find some alright results.  Still, none of them will be able to unseat Avatar at the top of the chart, and the sci-fi epic should see a fifth weekend of incredible revenue.  Overall, most holdovers should have very small drops this weekend, as MLK Day gives people the chance to stay out late on Sunday and hit the theaters on Monday as well.  Avatar should get very close to the $500 million mark over the four-day frame, while Sherlock Holmes and Alvin will each get closer to $200 million.  You can watch the video above for my predictions of the newcomers, and then check below for my full box office predictions for the four day weekend.

Box Office Predictions for January 15-18, 2010
Rank Movie Theaters Predicted Gross
1 Avatar 3,285 $43 million
2 The Book Of Eli 3,111 $28 million
3 The Spy Next Door 2,924 $16.5 million
4 The Lovely Bones 2,563 $12.7 million
5 Alvin And The Chipmunks: The Squeakquel 3,296 $11.2 million
6 Sherlock Holmes 3,173 $10.9 million
7 Daybreakers 2,523 $8.2 million
8 It’s Complicated 2,670 $7.5 million
9 Leap Year 2,512 $6.2 million
10 The Blind Side 2,408 $5.9 million