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Friday Estimates: Tyler Perry Headed For Another #1 Debut; Sorority Row Dead On Arrival

September 12, 2009

Friday Estimates are out, and I’ve got some figures and analysis for you as weekend numbers continue to trickle in.

With a super $8.6 million Friday, Tyler Perry’s I Can Do Bad All By Myself topped the box office, and it looks to be headed for an opening weekend of about $25 million, which is right in line with my prediction.  Animated film 9, after a $3.3 million Friday, looks like it will come in with about $10 million for the weekend, which is also right in line with my prediction!  However, any pride I might have in my prophetic box office ability is wiped away by Sorority Row.

I don’t know the last time I was so wildly wrong about a movie’s box office potential.  Sorority Row took in just $1.9 million on Friday, and the horror remake will find about $5 million over the weekend, well off from my embarrassingly high $17 million prediction. In other news, Whiteout also earned $1.8 million on Friday, and it  seems to be headed for $5 million as well. And for that matter, it looks like there are going to be about five titles headed for a $5-6 million weekend, including Inglorious Basterds, which will cross the $100 million plateau tonight. Here are the full estimates:

Friday Estimates for September 11, 2009
1. I Can Do Bad All By Myself – $8.6 million
2 9 – $3.3 million
3. Sorority Row – $1.9 million
4. Inglorious Basterds – $1.9 million
5. All About Steve – $1.8 million
6. Whiteout – $1.8 million
7. The Final Destination – $1.7 million
8. District 9 – $1.1 million
9. Gamer – $1 million
10. Julie And Julia – $920,000
11. The Time Traveler’s Wife – $740,000
12. Extract – $720,000