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First "Amelia" Preview

June 26, 2009

Filmschoolrejects has put up the first preview for the historical biopic Amelia, starring Hilary Swank. It is embedded above, and looks intriguing. It certainly has a fine cast, with Hilary Swank in the leading roll. Richard Gere (I usually like him, outside of his standard chick flicks) and Ewan McGregor costar in what looks to be a promising film.

Swank is a great actress (with a funny name), who has proven herself in movies like Million Dollar Baby, so much that we forget she was ever in The Next Karate Kid. She was young then, we shall forgive.

I do wonder how they will handle a movie where the only thing known about the title character by mainstream audiences is the ending, but that ending is ‘nobody knows what happened.’ I suppose I should warn spoiler, for those of you who are historically ignorant, but Amelia Earhart vanished in attempting her flight around the world. So everyone knows that she isn’t going to make it. That’s fine, I suppose, there have been plenty of biopics where the ending is no surprise. But I do wonder if they’ll show the crash. I hope they don’t, because so much of the history is that no one knows exactly what happened. Showing her crash would definitely be ‘Hollywood-izing’ the story. It’s not as bad as Michael Bay’s molesation of Pearl Harbor, but it should be left unshown.

Maybe she’s on the island in Lost. Are you reading this, J.J. Abrams?