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Hey, Guys! I’m Back!

August 5, 2009

Hey, fellow box office junkies! It’s Grady, and I’d just like to let you know that I am back from my long, amazing Summer in Pennsylvania, where I worked at a Christian sports camp for about 3 months. It was truly awesome, and I loved every minute of it. (The picture above probably makes sense to no one, but its a small example of some of the craziness of camp. It was taken at the wrestling meet- that’s me in the tie.) I’ll probably go back again next year, but we’ll have to cross that bridge when we get to it!

Reed has done an incredible job holding down TBOJ on his own (really, isn’t he great?), but I’m glad to be back to contribute my thoughts. That’s not to say that I’m going to be back in the full blogging swing just yet. You see, I’m sort of in the midst of a giant crossroads in my life, and I have about two days to decide whether I am going to be a student at UVA or the CU-Boulder next year. Any thoughts on that whole issue? I’m waiting for some clarity. Once I get my college career sorted out, I might be a bit more inclined to talk about the film industry, but I gotta be intentional and purposeful about my decision. Anyway, I’m excited to be back! Peace out, friends!


In Other News: Vacation

July 31, 2009

I will be going on vacation this week, but I am thinking I might be able to get some posts in. We shall see, but if not, check back in a week!

For those wondering, I am somewhere on the left edge about halfway up that photo. So if you’re stalking me, I just gave you a map.

UPDATE: Yeah, we got internet access. I’ll be posting for the Rocky Mountains, with one of the most spectacular views right out the window. I’ll be hiking, fishing, and enjoying the outdoors, but none of these are all day activities. I’ve been looking forward to this week to get some solid reading and writing in, so check up, cause I’ll be posting. From the Rockies. It is awesome.

Also, a little bit of self promotion, one of my favorite sites these days is It’s hilarious sites, with articles ranging from the purely humor to the very informative and interesting (and still funny). I’m trying to get involved writing there, which anybody can do, but if you get an article published you get 50 bucks (which is awesome). But they also have this new thing out called ‘Cracked Topics’ which is essentially a humorous Wikipedia (kind of) that anyone can sign up for and write. They pick their favorite each week, and the winner of THAT gets fifty bucks. Now I have a ways to go to get an article published, and doubt I could ever win the Topics page contest, but I have written one that I’m going to promote just to get an audience there.

The Topic I chose to write on is Rule 34, a humorous internet that guarantees there is porn on the internet for anything in existence. I managed to write it without being to crude at all, and considering it’s my first foray at humor I think it turned out decently. Go ahead and click that link and let me know what you think here or there. Wherever.

For Your Reading Pleasure…. Me.

April 1, 2009

As I sit here, putting off pages of reading I have due tomorrow morning, I decided now would be a great time to hone my new-found blogging skills and procrastinate from any real productivity. Or rather, what professors see as real productivity. Who’s to say writing a blog isn’t productive? Yea, my professors will probably lower my grade because I know none of the material. Oh well.

Anyways, my name is Reed, I am a twenty year-old sophomore in college. I also happen to love movies. When I was younger and played ‘pretend’ (something I wish were still socially acceptable… simpler times), I would imagine I was making a movie or a television show. I had a superhero, named “Super Strong,” and while he sometimes went on his own daring adventures, he was often starring in a biopic about them. Were I a braver soul, I would work to get involved in the film business, whether that were writing screenplays, directing, producing, or any of those dream jobs that would result in me living in a gutter. At least I’d have water!

Anyway, I’m just a guy that loves going to movies. I’ve literally spent years on message boards and other blogs leaving comments (if you’ve ever encountered someone with the ‘Reebee,’ on a message board, blog, or Xbox live, it’s me. Reed:Reebee :: Thomas Anderson:Neo). I’ve wanted to do something like this for a while, and Grady, being a good friend, has acquiesced me the right to post on his blog.

Watching a movie is a unique escape, a brief amount of time where you can be absorbed in another world. Reading has similar affects, and I love it as well, but there’s something about the ensemble that is required in movies that appeals to me. I respect movies for what they’re trying to do. I give a movie like Dumb and Dumber a 9/10, because it’s one of my favorite comedies. I’ve seen it ten thousand times and always laugh, and it has a great diarrhea gag. Then I’ll see a movie like The Reader and give it an 8.4/10. Does it mean I really think Dumb and Dumber a better movie? Of course not. They are different movies made to achieve different means.

Favorite movie lists are too difficult for me, primarily for the reasons above. I could say the Godfather and sound like everyone else (though… It might be true) or I could say The Dark Knight and sound up with the times (again… that might be true). And most anything made by Disney, particularly Disney/Pixar, tends to make me smile like a giddy four year old.

LEAST favorite movies, however, are much easier. That will come soon. Nicolas Cage stars in one of them, and one of them is French. Start taking guesses. (It’s okay, Nic. You were in The Rock and Con Air, two films of pure, manly bad-ass-ness. Also you named your son Kal, after Kal-El, Superman’s real name).

Which brings me to an important point: I’m a Superman fanatic, and a Batman fan. It’s not a lifelong obsession, actually something that’s developed in the last two or three years, but it’s an oddly large part of my life, at least my online life. This is just warning, that when news of the next Superman movie comes out, and when that news isn’t terrible or isn’t proven false four hours later, I’ll be incredibly excited.

So that’s me in a very small and shallow nutshell! I look forward to this.