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May 8-10 Box Office Analysts Challenge! We Have A Winner!

May 11, 2009

Alright, we have a winner in this week’s Box Office Analysts Challenge, and it’s Phil Contrino from Box Office Magazine at! Congrats, Phil! I calculated the results by determining a percentage of accuracy for both Star Trek and Next Day Air, and then averaging out those results for each analyst. Star Trek actually grossed $79.2 million, and Next Day Air found $4.1 million, and I used those numbers in my calculations. Unfortunately, since Next Day Air had such a small gross, even if your predictions were off by just a few million dollars, it ruined your overall accuracy. That would explain my horrible average! Ha! Maybe I won’t include small films like this in the future, so that results don’t get too skewed. Tell Phil, “Congratulations,” in the comments!

Box Office Analysts Challenge Results for May 8-10
Predictor’s Name (Site) Star Trek Next Day Air Accuracy
Grady Smith (TBOJ) $67 million $7 million 57.5%
Steve Mason (Slash Film) $65 million $6 million 66.0%
Gitesh Pandya (Box Office Guru) $74 million $3 million 84.2%
Phil Contrino (Box Office Magazine) $70 million $3.5 million 87.9%
Nicole Sperling (EW) $65 million $4.5 million 84.8%
Reagen Sulewski (Box Office Prophets) $61.4 million $3.3 million 78.7%
C.S. Strowbridge (The-Numbers) $75 million $4.9 million 87.5%