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DVD Sales: Twilight Has Already Sold 6 Million Copies! Plus, Bolt Debuts Well

April 8, 2009

Another week, another DVD Sales Chart from The-Numbers! Here are my DVD Sales Notes for the week ending March 29, 2009:

Twilight continues to astound me as it actually had a very small drop! This surprises me on so many levels, since this type of fangirl flick should have plummeted after its huge first week of DVD sales. I mean, I can understand girls going to see a movie like Twilight two or three times in theaters, but there is absolutely no reason to assume that they would be repeat-buying the DVD. I guess the franchise simply has more internal demand than anyone really comprehended, but let me just say this: I sincerely hope that mothers are not purchasing Twilight to put in their daughter’s Easter basket- that’s just wrong.

-Disney’s Bolt has never been a blockbuster performer for the studio, but it’s certainly been a solid addition to the Disney canon. Targeting the ever lucrative family market, a $25 million first week for the CG animated dog comedy ain’t too shabby.

-Meanwhile, Quantum Of Solace, which earned $54 million more at the box office than Bolt ($168 million vs. $114 million), earned $4 million less in its first week of DVD sales. This certainly represents an underwhelming start for the latest Bond DVD, but the truth of the matter is, audiences just didn’t love the grim QOS all that much, especially when compared to the superb Casino Royale, which also enjoyed a nice little boost this week from the release of its sequel, and now it sits just a few hundred copies away from the 5 million threshold.

-At first I was confused by Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa‘s explosive 97% increase on the chart this week. After a bit of looking around, though, I remembered that Nickelodeon released a new animated series called The Penguins Of Madagascar last week, which featured the ridiculous penguins from the films. It premiered to huge ratings, and clearly, it’s having a positive effect on its mother-franchise, as Escape 2 Africa has now sold almost 5 million DVDs. TV truly is the most powerful marketing tool for children.

Pinocchio now has a running total of $34 million over three weeks for its latest release cycle. Unfortunately for Disney, Lilo And Stitch clearly does not have the same kind of lasting drawing power as the classic puppet. Lilo And Stitch could only manage a lackluster $1.5 million week for its re-release.

Top 30 DVD Sales For The Week Ending March 29
Rank Title Units this Week % Change Total Units Sales this Week Total Sales Weeks in Release
1 Twilight 2,455,003 -31.3% 6,027,815 $44,116,404 $108,319,836 2
2 Bolt 1,430,530 2,483.2% 1,485,909 $25,048,580 $26,018,267 1
3 Quantum of Solace 1,213,017 -.-% 1,213,017 $21,894,957 $21,894,957 1
4 Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa 168,413 99.7% 4,950,395 $1,965,110 $80,338,947 8
5 Pinocchio 147,055 -59.3% $2,498,464 492
6 Role Models 123,978 -50.4% 1,402,282 $2,106,386 $23,824,771 3
7 Beverly Hills Chihuahua 119,313 -40.7% 2,417,964 $1,907,815 $42,145,098 4
8 Barbie Presents: Thumbelina 103,847 -62.9% 383,598 $1,533,820 $5,665,742 2
9 Transporter 3 85,189 -52.1% 870,723 $1,479,741 $15,611,498 3
10 High School Musical 3: Senior Year 78,069 -10.4% 2,617,960 $1,435,002 $46,746,759 6
11 Lilo & Stitch 76,351 -.-% $1,526,256 330
12 The Venture Bros.: Season Three 75,369 -.-% 75,369 $1,431,257 $1,431,257 1
13 Punisher: War Zone, The 75,123 -61.1% 268,055 $1,481,403 $4,985,048 2
14 Star Wars: The Clone Wars – A Galaxy Divided 69,722 -.-% 69,722 $905,689 $905,689 1
15 Australia 62,357 -40.4% 1,141,235 $1,059,445 $19,210,575 4
16 Madagascar 54,747 -.-% $601,670 176
17 Secrets of the Furious Five 53,028 -.-% 53,028 $529,750 $529,750 1
18 Kung Fu Panda 48,341 -.-% 8,072,649 $538,185 $124,132,258 20
19 South Park – The Complete Twelfth Season 46,645 22.0% 191,076 $1,445,529 $5,921,445 3
20 Milk 43,208 -37.7% 361,730 $774,287 $6,504,498 3
21 Watchmen: Tales of the Black Freighter and Under the Hood 42,472 -.-% 42,472 $832,876 $832,876 1
22 Body of Lies 39,573 10.8% 881,987 $800,087 $16,824,973 6
23 Fireproof 38,332 -5.9% 1,398,615 $670,427 $24,146,599 9
24 Happily N’Ever After 2: Snow White 36,825 -.-% 36,825 $441,532 $441,532 1
25 Cadillac Records 32,918 -21.9% 201,515 $643,876 $3,833,285 3
26 Rachel Getting Married 30,948 -26.0% 199,052 $618,651 $3,979,049 3
27 Haunting of Molly Hartley, The 28,612 -27.9% 270,096 $571,954 $5,201,047 5
28 Casino Royale 26,121 -.-% 4,999,253 $314,374 $79,165,581 107
29 Quarantine 26,002 -22.6% 496,540 $519,780 $9,798,421 6
30 Zack and Miri Make a Porno 24,025 -28.5% 936,646 $480,260 $17,154,523 8 Widgets
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Daniel Craig – Box Office Poison

January 28, 2009

Let’s keep this post short and sweet bitter. I was looking at the box office figures for Defiance, and I noticed how poorly it’s doing. Then I looked at the box office figures for Daniel Craig, the headlining star of Defiance, and I noticed something else: Daniel Craig is box office poison! Seriously, outside of the James Bond franchise, it’s not just that the guy doesn’t draw in audiences, he actually hurts the success of the movies he is in! It’s a shame, because he’s a great actor, but like Nicole Kidman and Naomi Watts before him, nobody cares about Daniel Craig. Lets get into some numbers over the last few years:

Craig broke out in 2005’s Layer Cake, a British caper film that garnered him enough attention to nab the coveted role of James Bond. Despite the loud buzz surrounding the film, though, it failed to break out in the U.S., earning a weak $2.3 million.

Later that year, Daniel moved on to a much higher profile film, Steven Spielberg’s Munich. Critics and audiences enjoyed the film, and it was even nominated for some Oscars, but it earned a very small, very un-Spielberg box office of $47 million.

At this point, he’d been named as the new Bond, and his star was much higher than ever before, yet Craig’s next effort, the Truman Capote pic, Infamous, could only muster up $1 million in ticket sales. Sad.
Casino Royale debuted, and it was frickin’ awesome! It completely rejuvinated a tired franchise, and raked in a great $167 million. Craig was brilliant in the role, and everyeone fell in love with the new Bond. A star was born! Right?

Wrong. After an $80 million budget, plus reshoots, plus built-in curiosity to see the remake, plus Nicole Kidman co-headlining, The Invasion grossed only $15 million in August 2007. It was like a perfect storm of box office poisons.

Then came a film that was all but assured to be a blockbuster on paper. His Dark Materials: The Golden Compass, a hugely expensensive ($205 million production budget + $60 million in advertising) fantasy film based on the popular book series, debuted in December 2007. Also starring Nicole Kidman, the wannabe Narnia or LOTR film found just $70 million at the domestic box office. Yeah, that’s less than Eragon.

Quantum Of Solace came out, and once again, people turned out in droves to see the new James Bond feature. While not as beloved as Casino Royale, it still managed to rake in a solid $169 million.

And then there’s Defiance, Craig’s most recent effort. The WWII film comes with a hefty $50 million price tag, but after four weekends, has earned just $18 million.

So what have we learned today? A few things. First and foremost, Daniel Craig is box office poison. If you want your movie to make money, find another actor. Second, it is the character of James Bond, not the actor playing him, that draws in the audiences. Third and finally, NEVER let Craig star with Nicole Kidman. It’s just a bad idea, and you are guaranteed to lose money.

Weekend Preview: Will The Day The Earth Stood Still Be I Am Legend v. 2.0?

December 12, 2008

This weekend we get a special-effects-driven sci-fi remake starring Keanu Reeves (The Day The Earth Stood Still), a Christmas dramedy (Home For The Holidays), and an ill-conceived computer animation film about an alienish monster (Delgo). Overall, the box office should remain in decent shape, with TDTESS on top and holdovers doing most of the heavy lifting.

This year it seems like each of the opening films is trying to be 2008’s version of other formerly successful December titles. The Day The Earth Stood Still is trying to be 2008’s I Am Legend. A little bit less ambitious, Nothing Like The Holidays is hoping to find the success of 2006’s The Family Stone. And Delgo would settle for even a scrap of Happy Feet or Alvin and the Chipmunks‘ receipts. But will any of these films achieve the heights of their predecessors? Probably not.

Here’s the forecast for the weekend of December 12-14, 2008:

1. The Day The Earth Stood Still – $49 million
2. Four Christmases – $12.1 million
3. Twilight – $7.3 million
4. Bolt – $7 million
5. Nothing Like The Holidays – $6.8 million
6. Australia – $4.3 million
7. Delgo – $4.2 million
8. Quantum of Solace – $3.9 million
9. Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa – $3.3 million
10. Transporter 3 – $2.8 million
11. Milk – $2.4 million
12. Punisher: War Zone – $2.2 million
13. Cadillac Records – $2.2 million
14. Slumdog Millionaire – $1.9 million