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"I Love You, Man" Trailer- I Already Love It!

December 17, 2008

Let me take a moment to thank Dreamworks for making I Love You, Man. This is definitely the new film atop my must-see list. Just look at the cast! Seriously, could it get any cooler?

It’s got the always great Paul Rudd, whose star continues to rise with his latest turn in Role Models. It’s got the hilarious Rashida Jones from “The Office”. It’s got Andy Samberg, “SNL” regular and star of Hot Rod, a terrible movie that I absolutely love. And then there is Jason Segel, who not only stars in my favorite show on TV, “How I Met Your Mother,” but also wrote the screenplay to the truly awesome Forgetting Sarah Marshall. It’s like the funniest people on TV decided to get together with Paul Rudd and make a movie. On top of all that, the film actually looks really good! It looks like a funnier, more clever, more artful spin on that gag-inducing MTV show, “Bromance”, that’s debuting in January. Here’s the trailer:

What do you all think? Is my gushing premature, or are you as excited about I Love You, Man as I am?