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What Will Michael Cera Do When He Can’t Play The Awkward Teenager Anymore?

August 7, 2009

Today, Paper Heart sees it’s limited release to select theaters throughout the U.S. It’s a mockumentary, or rather a fictionalized telling of the relationship of Michael Cera and Charlyne Yi. Now, Cera is actually playing himself, but it’s also the same character he plays in every single movie he’s ever been in, whether it’s a loser teen in high school (in at least 3 movies) or a loser teen that’s a caveman (thankfully, only once).

There’s a humorous video mash-up here, and you can play a fun and impossible game of “which awkward character is he playing here?” It is actually hard to do…

Now this is no news, but I do wonder what will befall the actor when he is no longer an awkward teen. Will he just be an awkward adult? Will he be 80 starring as the bumbling 18 year old in the newest, critically acclaimed, coming of age, independent film, that somehow is still considered a fresh look at growing up?

Or more likely, he’ll just play the awkward 80 year old who can’t get the beautiful widow that lives in the room across from him in his nursing home.

We can only wonder.