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DVD Sales: Ferocious Dinosaurs And Fairy Dust Lift Up The Chart

November 10, 2009

It’s Tuesday, and you know what that means: it’s time for the DVD Sales Chart!  This week, it looks like Tinker Bell cast a spell on the DVD home market, as there were three very well-performing DVDs at the top of the chart.  Indeed, Ice Age: Dawn Of The Dinosaurs, Tinker Bell And The Lost Treasure, and Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen had combined sales of 5.35 million DVDs for $97.5 million revenue, which is pretty great.  Keep reading ahead for my DVD Sales Notes as well as the full DVD Sales Chart…

DVD Sales Notes

Ice Age: Dawn Of The Dinosaurs‘ DVD Sales were hardly glacial this weekend, as the CG animated comedy sold 2.45 million copies for $43.6 million, but I’m surprised that they weren’t a bit better.  Considering that Dawn earned $196 million at the domestic box office, and that the previous film, Ice Age: The Meltdown, sold 7.9 million copies on DVD during its run, I would’ve though this might open higher.  Still, Christmas sales will benefit Ice Age: Dawn Of The Dinosaurs tremendously, and international sales will certainly be strong, for this film earned a huge $687.1 million internationally.  Overall, it’s a good start for Fox, just not especially spectacular.  A nice fringe benefit for Fox, though, is that the original Ice Age popped back onto the chart with $517,000.

-Disney has done a remarkable job of establishing the Tinker Bell franchise in the past few years.  Formerly just Peter Pan’s cute sidekick or the fairy that would always pop up on the screen to end Disney movies when they played on TV, Tinker Bell is now a bona fide commodity in her own right.  Tinker Bell And The Lost Treasure had a great first week of about 1.5 million copies, and $23.9 million overall.  Keep in mind, people, this is a direct-to-DVD release, so this is a fantastic start!  Disney has expanded its umbrella over young girls even more with the Tinker Bell franchise.  By creating a complete girl-gang of other fairies, and making these characters current, Tinker Bell and her friends will sell millions of dollars worth of dolls, books, and DVDs for years to come.  Wise move by Disney.

Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen had another strong sales week, though it fell a sharp 74% from last week.  Michael Bay’s action-fest sold an additional 1.4 million copies this week for $30.1 million, giving it total sales of 6.8 million copies and $155 million, which is quite strong.  (It should be noted that this chart does not account for the fantastic Blu-Ray sales, which stand somewhere around 2 million copies, according to my research.)  Transformers is also benefiting from relatively high prices.  By my calculation, Ice Age sells for an average price of $17.77, Tinker Bell for $15.99, but Transformers for $22.69.

-In fifth place, Orphan, the Summer horror film that found $41 million in theaters, opened pretty much where you would expect it to.  It sold  284,780 copies and $5.1 million.

-In anticipation of New Moon‘s release, Twilight is restarting its rampage up the chart.  The teen vampire smash popped up in eighth place this week, and it has sold 9.3 million copies for $167.5 million overall.  By Christmas, I’d bet that it breaks the 10 million barrier. 

-The TV-on-DVD performer of the week is Battlestar Galactica: The Plan.  (Sidenote: does every title have to have a colon these days?)  The television film found $3 million on the home market.

Below is the full DVD Sales Chart:

Top Selling DVDs for the Week ending November 1, 2009
Rank Title Units this Week % Chg Total Units Sales this Week Total Sales
1 Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs 2,455,003 -.-% 2,455,003 $43,622,948 $43,622,948 1
2 Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure 1,497,306 -.-% 1,497,306 $23,941,923 $23,941,923 1
3 Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen 1,400,334 -74.3% 6,843,127 $30,093,178 $155,222,989 2
4 The Proposal 298,774 -52.1% 3,314,840 $5,155,345 $54,744,965 3
5 Orphan 284,780 -.-% 284,780 $5,123,192 $5,123,192 1
6 Monsters vs. Aliens 179,952 -21.8% 3,733,454 $3,078,349 $65,046,217 5
7 Battlestar Galactica: The Plan 178,970 -.-% 178,970 $3,040,700 $3,040,700 1
8 Twilight 109,739 -.-% 9,306,970 $2,274,889 $167,537,109 32
9 Drag Me to Hell 85,925 -28.2% 543,940 $1,588,753 $9,550,040 3
10 Land of the Lost 84,943 -46.0% 699,173 $1,443,182 $11,399,995 3
11 Nothing Like the Holidays 79,297 -.-% 79,297 $1,585,147 $1,585,147 1
12 Edward Scissorhands 79,051 63.2% $825,364 478
13 Corpse Bride, The 71,932 53.7% $394,907 196
14 X-Men Origins: Wolverine 70,704 -23.1% 3,858,311 $1,083,412 $65,354,268 7
15 Ice Age: The Meltdown 68,772 -.-% 7,927,159 $971,748 $130,071,291 154
16 Transformers 65,058 -75.3% 15,700,876 $664,945 $286,820,124 107
17 Hocus Pocus 60,884 2.6% $410,358 387
18 Hannah Montana The Movie 57,938 -7.4% 2,751,623 $868,491 $47,224,392 11
19 The Wizard of Oz 54,010 -4.6% $998,645 658
20 Wrong Turn 3: Left for Dead 51,801 -52.2% 160,113 $957,800 $2,798,021 2
21 Dr. Seuss – Green Eggs and Ham and Other Favorites 50,573 -.-% $328,219 317
22 Year One 50,082 -19.3% 602,399 $850,893 $9,744,490 4
23 Katt Williams: Pimpadelic 46,891 -21.7% 203,412 $796,678 $3,455,970 3
24 Ice Age 45,418 -.-% $517,511 362
25 Ghosts of Girlfriends Past 31,179 -27.5% 987,442 $467,373 $17,375,866 6
26 Observe and Report 29,913 -.-% 497,746 $597,961 $9,288,470 6
27 The Last House on the Left 29,706 -18.6% 843,565 $445,293 $16,262,226 11
28 Barbie and the Three Musketeers 29,215 -25.6% 798,270 $437,933 $11,622,566 7
29 Spookley the Square Pumpkin 28,233 -33.5% $252,013 217
30 The L Word: The Final Season 27,516 -50.4% 83,032 $1,237,945 $3,291,482 2


Color Me Stupid: "G-Force" Beats "Potter"

July 26, 2009

I didn’t think it was possible, but the new Disney movie G-Force, about Guinea Pigs that become spies, took the number spot away from Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. The latter dropped a whopping 61% in its second weekend, getting $30 million, while the rodents brought in $32 million. In third was The Ugly Truth with $27 million, and Orphan came in fourth opening to $12.8 million.

This Week In Blockbusters: Three Movies That Probably Won’t Beat "Harry Potter"

July 20, 2009

It’s a rough film to follow up, for sure, but someone’s got to do it. And we have three films coming up this Friday to try to make some sort of dent in the box office, though I’m not entirely sure how successful they’ll be.

G-Force is a family friendly animated film that I’m not just dying to talk about. Produced by Jerry Bruckheimer, this is the story of a secret government program that rains what appear to be hamsters or guinea pigs or something to work in espionage. Can anyone else smell an Oscar?

Also coming out is the horror film Orphan featuring the number one scare tactic to make me shit myself, creepy little girls. The only thing that would make this worse is if she were a ghost, a la Samara in the The Ring (excuse me, the thought alone requires a change of shorts). Esther is a ‘different’ sort of young girl in an orphanage, and when a woman miscarries her pregnancy she and her husband decide to adopt. Why they decide to adopt an older child is one mystery, and why they choose the one that must be Satan’s spawn is another. But according to the preview, some of Esther’s activities are painting, playing with dolls, and pushing kids in front of moving vehicles. You know, stuff we all did at twelve.  Honestly this movie doesn’t look that great, or that scary. But we’ll wait and see, won’t we?

Lastly, the only movie I’m remotely excited about seeing, The Ugly Truth hits theaters this Friday. Gerard Butler and Katherine Heigl star in this raunchy rom-com. It’s a standard outing. Boy helps girl get guy (by objectifying her and playing to Man’s ability to think only with their testicles) only to realize he cares for her like, deeply and stuff. I don’t want to spoil the ending, but I think they’ll end up together.