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Weekend Fix: This Is It Takes #1 At The Box Office; Paranormal Activity Continues Its Rampage

November 2, 2009

Friday Estimates: Michael Jackson’s This Is It Doesn’t Live Up To Hype

October 31, 2009

Michael Jackson’s concert film, This Is It, earned $7.4 million on its opening Wednesday, and then followed that up with a steep 50% drop to $3.7 million on Thursday.  Obviously, this is going to be a very frontloaded film, and it will certainly undercut most everyone’s expectations, which had This Is It pegged at earning about $50 million in its first five days.  Now, a five day total of about $30 million seems more likely. 

UPDATE: Friday box office results are now in, and This Is It earned $7.5 million.  Just as the Wednesday/Thursday figures were frontloaded, so should the weekend figures be.  A $20 million weekend seems likely for Jackson’s posthumous documentary, which is far below what Sony was hoping for. Perhaps the film was hurt by the fact that Jackson lacked a large fanbase among young people. Perhaps the film will hold up better than expected over the rest of the weekend. We’ll have to wait and wee, but I wouldn’t count on it.  Paranormal Activity found another solid $6 million on Friday, and it should do very well on Halloween. Its performance will be good for second place, and the horror film that can’t be stopped should find $17 million over the weekend frame.  Meanwhile, Paranormal‘s main victim, Saw VI, could only manage $2 million on Friday, and it’s looking at an awful $6 million second weekend. Keep reading for the very early Friday Estimates:

Friday Estimates for October 30, 2009
1. This Is It – $7.5 million
2. Paranormal Activity – $6 million
3. Couples Retreat – $2.4 million
4. Law Abiding Citizen – $2.4 million
5. Where The Wild Things Are – $2.2 million
6. Saw VI – $2 million

Weekend Preview: This Is It For Michael Jackson’s This Is It

October 30, 2009

Only one new release this weekend, and that is Sony’s Michael Jackson’s This Is It, the documentary about Michael Jackson’s final hours as he prepared for his latest tour.  Watch the video above (you’ll see me getting musical!) to get my prediction for This Is It‘s box office potential.  The rest of the chart should largely look the same as last week.  Paranormal Activity will see a soft drop, as Paramount is adding 457 theaters to its count.  $100 million is all but assured for Paranormal at this point.  Law Abiding Citizen and Couples Retreat will continue their impressive runs with small decreases, while Where The Wild Things Are and (to a greater extent) Saw VI will fall hard.  Read on for my full predictions for this Halloween weekend…

Box Office Predictions for October 30 – November 1, 2009
Rank Movie Theaters Predicted Gross
1 Michael Jackson’s This Is It 3,481 $35 million
2 Paranormal Activity 2,402 $15 million
3 Law Abiding Citizen 2,764 $8 million
4 Where The Wild Things Are 2,754 $7 million
5 Couples Retreat 3,027 $6.7 million
6 Saw VI 3,036 $5.8 million
7 Astro Boy 3,020 $4 million
8 The Stepfather 2,346 $3.8 million
9 The Vampire’s Assistant 2,754 $3.2 million
10 Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs 2,322 $3.2 million

Death Week ’09

June 28, 2009

This was, truly, a sad week for famous people. On Tuesday, television great Ed McMahon passed away at the age of 86 years old. He was perhaps known best for his work as the announcer for The Tonight Show starring the late, great Johnny Carson. He also hosted Star Search for twelve years, and was a beloved comedian and television personality. He was also decorated Marine pilot, with 6 Air Medals to his name.

Two days later, former Charlie’s Angel and renowned pin up girl Farrah Fawcett passed away in a battle with cancer at the age of 62. It’s funny, but this chick was obviously so hot that her name spilled over into my generation, even though she was 41 when I was born. When you’re a sex symbol who is remembered by young men and you’re over sixty, meaning you didn’t die young like Marilyn Monroe, you obviously did something right.

Unfortunately for Ms. Fawcett, she could not have passed away on a worse day. Her death was drastically overshadowed. I don’t know if you’ve heard, but Michael Jackson died later on that same Thursday. Apparently the entire world is shook up over this death, and perhaps rightly so. His close friend Liza Manelli has said that once the autopsy report goes public, “All hell will break loose.” Ominous words, for sure.

Since then I have heard nothing on the radio but Michael Jackson, and the TV has been playing his old videos nonstop. Two things are abundantly clear:

1. That guy had immense talent. He created that dance style out of nothing, and was a fantastic song writer. I have never really listened to his music. I knew the timeless songs, “Thriller” and the like, but that dude had some great stuff that, while popular at the time, has been stood up by the aforementioned “Thriller” and his other mega-huge hits.

2. That guy was a freak. There’s no getting around it. He mutilated his face so that it no longer looked human, he wore the most bizarre clothing around, and there’s always the infamous ‘Neverland Ranch’ to keep that cloud of doubt hanging over his legacy. It’s really quite sad. His parents messed up his life from the get-go, if you do a little research you’ll learn some of the most horrific things about his childhood. I’m sure Michael Jackson died a very lonely, very depressed man, despite the hordes of fans who are now mourning him.

But watching those music videos and hearing his songs, I realize that that Michael Jackson died long ago. Before his skin turned white, and his nose turned to a razorblade, that dude was the most bad-ass effeminate man to walk the planet. In fact, I daresay he’s the only bad-ass effeminate man to have ever lived.

When asked about his plastic surgery, he famously said, “that’s just ignorance.” He then said they were natural changes to his body, implying even that ‘puberty’ was to blame. His skin-changing color is perhaps a more controversial issue. Rumors still persist that he bleached his skin to appear more white, while he was always said it is due the diseases vitiligo and lupus.

Right now, his wikipedia page informs me that he was the first Jewish man to set foot on the sun, and that “HE LIKED PEACHES” as the first entrants. I wouldn’t cite those as fact just yet, though.

As if this barrage of bad news wasn’t enough, today I find out the most tragic news yet, that Billy Mays, that guy you know from every late night infomercial you’ve ever watched, has died. He almost convinced me many times to purchase Oxiclean or another one of those super-handy cleaning products.

Seriously, that guy was incredibly entertaining. I’m actually very upset I’ll never actually consider buying useless shit again, because there is no way they can find a suitable replacement. “Would you like to buy a broom that doubles as a toaster?” “Well yes I would, Billy Mays, thank you.” I’m sure right now he’s selling stain remover to the angels, who don’t even need it, since their clothes are always spotless.

So RIP, celebrity friends who I’ve never actually met, but are all over the media now. And now, I’m not even going to take a side on whether Michael was guilty of what he was accused of or not. But I know for damn sure the media wasn’t on his side. Now they’re revering him like he was a God.

Media, thy name is Janus.