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November 18, 2009

Got your attention?  Good.

I’m not being serious with that headline, but hopefully, you find it fairly disturbing.  After all, Dakota Fanning, who stars in New Moon, is just 15 years old.  Obviously, no one in the media world would want to write anything suggestive about an underage female starlet- that would just be sick. But with New Moon coming out this Friday, I’ve noticed a disturbing trend and egregious double-standard surrounding Taylor Lautner, the 17 year old actor who plays Jacob in the Twilight films.  Apparently, objectifying underage males is okay…

A few years ago, someone set up a website to countdown how long it would be until the Olsen twins were finally legal.  It featured tons of photographs, statements about how hot they were, and speculation as to whether or not they would take nude photographs once their 18th birthday rolled around.  People were disgusted.  A similar website appeared when Emma Watson, star of the Harry Potter films, was 17 years old, and the media vigorously attacked its creator and visitors.  These small websites were torn apart by the popular media, which labeled them as screwed-up and perverted.  However, I think it’s about time that someone gave the popular media a similar rebuke.

Taylor Lautner is 17 years old!  Do you hear that?  Not 18!  Not a legal adult! He was just 16 when Twilight debuted, and for the past year, he has been consistently objectified by the media, and no one has stepped in to say that this is wrong!  Seriously, for months, there have been reports about Taylor’s abs, Taylor’s biceps, and his shirtless scenes in New Moon. A simple search on GoogleNews reveal results (like this, this, this, or this) that call Taylor “beefy,” “hunky,” and “sexy,” and this has been going on all year!  Honestly, if any reporter wrote about Selena Gomez’s boobs, or Demi Lovato’s ass, they would be demolished by critics immediately.  So why is it okay to talk about Taylor Lautner as a sexual object?

Because he is a male.  Entertainment media is dominated by females, and there is a glaring double standard in the way that men and women are allowed to talk about the opposite sex.  Apparently, where men’s sexual thoughts about young women are considered perverted, women’s lusty thoughts about young men are more than welcome.  Indeed, women (and gay men) can objectify men and not be criticized- it’s just snarky when they do it.  This is not alright, and I hope it bothers someone else other than me.  If morality is going to be imposed upon heterosexual male writers, then it should be equally put upon everyone else as well.