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News That Caught My Eye: A Barbie Movie And A Batman Fallacy

September 24, 2009

Here are some film industry stories I’ve read lately that I think are worth sharing.  Here are my thoughts on some articles about two future projects: a Barbie movie, and a third Batman picture.

Barbie (I couldn’t bring myself to write it in pink.)

Variety is reporting that famous fifty year old doll, Barbie, is getting her own feature film.  Universal at Mattel are teaming up to produce a live action adaptation of the cheerful blonde icon.  This news is abosolutely fascinating to me.  The casting alone will be very interesting, for the producers are going to have to find the perfect actress for the job.  It probably can’t be someone who’s already famous, and it must be someone with a positive image and clean background.  Whoever is cast will be expected to be not only a great actress, but also a role model.  Barbie is a lucrative commodity.  According to the article:

Asked why there had never before been a live action feature (there have been 16 direct-to-video animated titles, selling 75 million units worldwide, per Mattel), Dickson called the U deal the logical next step in expanding the brand’s reach

Honestly, if Universal does this right, I could envision a sort of female-driven Forrest Gump. (Ken = Jenny?)  I really think it could be a cool movie if we saw Barbie in all of her different careers over the years, and this has the potential to be huge, but Universal has to make the right movie if they want to make money.  It cannot be too girly, and it cannot be too childish.  They’re targeting families with this, and if they can tap into that market successfully, they’ll be golden.  Obviously, a lot of people are buying the DVDs, so this has potential.  I’m seeing a holiday release for Barbie some time in the next few years.

Batman Fallacies
Honestly, I’m not really into speculating about sequels, and I’m not into being a blog critic, but this article is notable to me because it has a glaringly incorrect fact in it, and I’m tired of incorrect facts about the box office.  Last week, everyone kept telling me that Ice Age: Dawn Of The Dinosaurs was the third highest grossing film worldwide of all time.  WRONG!  It is the third highest grossing film internationally of all time.  There’s a big difference.  This week, on EW’s Popwatch, Chris Nashawaty writes:

The one thing that is for sure, though, is that after The Dark Knight raked in $988 million worldwide — the second-largest historical gross after 1997’s Titanic — this sucker’s going to get made eventually. There’s too much money to be made for it not to.

WRONG! The Dark Knight is the fourth highest grossing film worldwide of all time.  Titanic is in first with $1.84 billion, in second is Lord Of The Rings: The Return Of The King with $1.19 billion, next comes Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest with $1.07 billion, and then The Dark Knight with $1.00 billion.  I know we like to speak in superlatives here in the blogosphere, but we can’t just make things up! Things like this are why people think blogs are unreliable.