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Fast And Furious Proves It Yet Again: The Era Of Easy Entertainment!

April 6, 2009

Okay, so by now, we’ve all let it process that Fast And Furious earned $70.9 million over its opening weekend! In April! The biggest April weekend of all time by $30 million dollars! Not since April 2003, when Anger Management had a $40 million weekend, has a film opened this big during the rainiest month of the year. It’s seriously amazing that Universal managed to get the third sequel of a “dying” franchise on the top of the charts. Take a look at what people were predicting:

Box Office Guru: $43 million
Slashfilm: $48 million
Box Office Prophets: $41 million
Box Office Report: $52 million
Entertainment Weekly: $41 million
The Box Office Junkie: $38 million

The closest prediction was a full $20 million off! Now, am I simply justifying my own ineptitude, as my prediction was the worst of any of those? Well, sort of. But more importantly, I’m using Fast And Furious‘ crazy $72.5 million weekend to justify my theory of 2009: The Era Of Easy Entertainment. I made this theory back in January, but with the success of Paul Blart: Mall Cop, Taken, Knowing, and now Fast And Furious, the EEE has held true throughout the first part of the year. In the sour times of this recession, Americans clearly want to go the movies for the escapism they offer, and furthermore, when they attend the theater, the last thing people want to do is think too hard. Therefore, the titles that features gag humor, obvious plots, and lots and lots of explosions are going to succeed right now. Cinematic comfort food!


Weekend Fix: Monsters vs. Aliens Is Huge, But Not Quite Out Of This World

March 29, 2009

Monsters Vs. Aliens had a $58 million weekend that the big wigs at Dreamworks have to be pleased with, but with just alright 69% positive reviews at RT, and animation that doesn’t look groundbreakingly amazing, this won’t be the blockbuster that everyone seemed to think it would be. It’s a slight victim of high expectations, but still, it should be a solid $200 million earner.

I might be more impressed by The Haunting In Connecticut, which came out of nowhere and earned $23 million this weekend. Whether we like it or not, horror is back, and it’s lucrative again! This kind of movie is Lionsgate’s bread and butter, and between this and Madea Goes To Jail ($88 million so far), the small studio is having a great Spring.

Here are the full results for the weekend:

Top 12 For March 27-29
# Movie Title 3-Day Gross % Change AVG. Total
1 Monsters Vs. Aliens $58,200,000 New $14,181 $58,200,000
2 The Haunting In Connecticut $23,010,000 New $8,422 $23,010,000
3 Knowing $14,705,000 -40% $4,407 $46,220,012
4 I Love You, Man $12,600,000 -29% $4,637 $37,007,000
5 Duplicity $7,556,470 -46% $2,930 $25,638,850
6 Race To Witch Mountain $5,637,000 -56% $1,725 $53,295,000
7 12 Rounds $5,300,000 New $2,274 $5,300,000
8 Watchmen $2,755,000 -59% $1,371 $103,296,000
9 Taken $2,700,000 -33% $1,377 $137,073,544
10 The Last House On The Left $2,611,160 -55% $1,160 $28,459,195
11 Sunshine Cleaning $1,344,000 100% $8,048 $2,547,697
12 Slumdog Millionaire $1,135,000 -58% $1,351 $139,311,581
All Numbers Provided By Exhibitor Relations Co.