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In Brightest Day, In Darkest Night, No Evil Shall Escape Their Sight

July 10, 2009

So it’s flying around the inter-webs that WB has three people in mind to play Hal Jordan in the Green Lantern movie. Sirs Bradley Cooper, Ryan Reynolds, and Mr. Justin Timberlake himself are in the cross hairs to protect space sector 2814.

For those of you aren’t geeks, it’s never too late to start. The Green Lantern is a DC comic superhero, one who has stayed outside of the mainstream for a while. He was in the Justice League cartoons, and is a popular character to those that know him, though that number is few. And if people have heard of him, few know much besides his name and perhaps his symbol.

So I’ll give it my best to get you up to speed so you can start getting excited about this movie. Keep in mind I’m a Superman expert, so bear with me. There is this group, called the “Green Lantern Corps,” who are essentially policemen, protectors of the universe. There is typically only one Green Lantern for each ‘space sector,’ and space sector 2814 is the one that Earth happens to falls into. When a Green Lantern crashes on earth, injured and dying, he instructs his Power Ring to find a worthy successor, one who is brave, and true, and noble. The ring finds the candidate in an earthling named Hal Jordan, who finds himself thrown into a hero’s role and bestowed with the power of his ring, which is able to morph energy that reflects what the wearer is thinking. For instance, if Hal Jordan thinks of a giant hammer, a huge green hammer made of green light will project from his ring, and he can smack anybody he wants with it. The ring runs on willpower. The stronger a person’s mind, the stronger his ring. So think of it like Lord of the Rings
meets Star Trek, if that helps you at all.

Sounds cheesy? Of course it does, at first glance. Most comics do. But a Green Lantern story has enormous potential. So before I continue and have a geekgasm all over the subject, and just so you can get on board to see how awesome this movie could be, check this out. It’s an incredible fan made trailer for the movie (and it is fantastic) that I hope WB emulates in every way:

The guy in yellow was supposed to be Sinestro, who has a similar ring (with yellow light, naturally) and is Green Lantern’s primary villain. So see? That trailer actually looked pretty bad-ass didn’t it?

A good Green Lantern movie could really push WB and DC comics into a positive limelight. Putting a B-lister in a respected movie is a surefire way to excite audiences. Marvel did it with Iron Man, and DC seems to want to replicate that success. A relatively unknown character, perhaps familiar in name but nothing else, getting a truly exciting movie? Jackpot.

So who should play him? Bradley Cooper just looks like such a douche, I just don’t know if I can believe him (plus he has yet to play a character who isn’t a weasel), and Hal Jordan is supposed to be the epitome of human heroism. Ryan Reynolds would have worked very well, I think, but I fear he’s too tied in with the Marvel universe since he is starring in his own Deadpool spin-off. Could J.T. land the role? God I hope not. I don’t dislike him as an actor, but I just couldn’t see him pull this off without hamming it up (remember the tight suit this guy has to wear. He needs to look good in it, and not like an N Sync singer).

So who do you think should take the part? One of these three, or someone else entirely? Are you excited for this film?

Sidenote: Bruce Timm, who has dome some great things in the DC Animated Universe, is releasing Green Lantern: First Flight later this month. If anybody feels it’s time to embrace their geek side, this would be a good place to start. It looks like a good outing.