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Sherlock Holmes Trailer Shows Us That He Was, In Fact, A Badass

May 20, 2009

I know what you think of when you think Sherlock Holmes, because it’s the exact same thing I think of. The immediate words that come to mind are action, explosions, excitement, sex appeal, and ass-kicking slow-mo boxing.

What? That’s not what you think of? What do you mean mystery and suspense? Drama? Ridiculous. Sherlock Holmes is exactly as he is depicted in this new trailer.

Yup. That’s Holmes all right. And Watson too, just as I imagined him to always be. Tall, handsome, Jude Law-ish, which is perfect because that’s who plays him. And Robert Downey Junior as Holmes? It’s too perfect.

All right, so this is nothing at all like the character, or the story, or anything. Here’s a list of similarities between the original stories and this movie:

1. The names.

Basically this destroys the source material entirely, something I’m typically not a fan of. But despite it all, and despite my strongest urges, this looks like a thoroughly entertaining movie. Garbage, perhaps, but entertaining garbage. Maybe it’s because Sherlock Holmes doesn’t have a large, rabid fan base like most movies these days, so they could take gigantic liberties without upsetting anybody too strongly, except for, you know, English majors and stuff. Or anyone with literary credentials. But they just read, right? So they won’t even be worried with the movie. In that case, hooray explosions and Rachel McAdams in a corset (we can always hooray the latter…)

Sherlock Holmes comes out this Christmas.