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This Week In Blockbusters: "Funny People"

July 29, 2009

We’ve been Hungover, and we’ve seen Bruno using a dustbuster in… innovative ways. This Friday, the third big comedy of the summer hits theaters… It’s the third film that Judd Apatow has been throth (that’s the ‘three’ version of ‘both’) the writer, director, and producer. The first two were The 40 Year Old Virgin and Knocked Up. The former is one of my favorite comedies ever, while I thought its follower was rather forgettable. Hopefully, Funny People will deliver. Apatow, who has created an entire genre of comedy, is known for making risky comedy with a dramatic heart. For instance, despite the crudities in The Forty Year Old Virgin, Steve Carrel’s character Andy was a genuine, sweet-natured guy who you actually felt for. Apatow has said this new film is him trying to be “Twice as serious, and twice as funny. Wish me luck!”

The film is about an older comedian, played by Adam Sandler, who is diagnosed with cancer and takes under his wing a young up and coming stand up comic (Seth Rogen). Sandler isn’t known for his dramatic talents to the common public, who seem him as making dumb comedies where he talks funny and throws in fart jokes for good measure. But he has impressed my with his serious work, which I first saw in Spanglish, where I realized the guy could act. I’d prefer he’d do more of that, and less of Zohan, and it seems this film might be moving that direction.

I’m sure it will be funny, and maybe a little sad at times. I’m sure Sandler will yell, and Rogen will play the exact same character he always has, but I think this could be a pretty good move for the Apatow team.


"Funny People" Red Band Trailer

July 9, 2009

God bless the internet.

Remember when, for R-rated comedies, we had to watch an edited, super-lame attempt at them showing humor, all the while only hinting at the cursing, nudity, and disgusting antics that were contained in the movie? Well those were the “green band” trailers, those watered-down puny attempts that the MPAA deemed acceptable. God I hated them!

Okay, not really. But the internet has become a valuable tool for movies like these, where they can do the unofficial “Red-band” trailers and release them on the web, and the hippies at the MPAA can’t get their filthy paws on it. I’ve posted a few on this site, and here’s another. It’s the Red-band trailer for the new Judd Apatow comedy, Funny People, starring Adam Sandler and Seth Rogen.

I laughed, though that trailer didn’t really tell me anything about the movies plot, save that it’s about two comedians. But the ‘cleaner’ version tells me Adam Sandler’s character is diagnosed with a malignant cancer and isn’t given much time left. That makes it sound a little more serious, doesn’t it?

Appatow has redefined comedy in many ways, taking serious situations and putting laughs to them. For this film he called it his attempts to do one that was “twice as serious,” but still “twice as funny. Wish me luck!”

It’s a bold move, and I bet it pays off.