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2012 Is Trying to Dethrone ‘Up’ As Greatest CGI Film Of The Year

June 18, 2009

The trailer for the disaster movie 2012 was released today, as seen here:

Oh damn. That looks good. And by good, I mean a room full of guys sat together and thought, “let’s think of cool things for a disaster movie.”
1. An Aircraft Carrier crushes the White House in a tidal wave.
2. Meteor Showers in very isolated places.
3. The statue of Jesus collapsing.
4. A land mass sliding into the sea.
5. Earthquakes.

You have to look twice, but this actually is a live action film, and not a cartoon as the CGI laden trailer implies.

But the special effects are damn impressive, and Rolan Emmerich has made some decent disaster flicks. Though I hope he doesn’t repeat his mistakes in The Day After Tomorrow, when the writers sat down and made a similar list as the one above, only they made it as weather phenomena, but then they decided to have that be in only the very beginning of the movie. The rest was just an attempt at drama. Guess what? I don’t want to watch these movies for drama. I want to pretend that the Vatican City just crumbled by exploiting awesome special effects. Yeah, sure, throw in some semblance of a plot that requires actors to do some work, that’s fine, but let’s keep those action shots pumping throughout the whole movie. As soon as I get bored watching these people trying to make this a serious character piece, I better see Big Ben collapse into the river Thames.

Though I actually do like this cast. John Cusack is of the best of the B+ actors, and I pretty much like Oliver Platt in whatever roll he’s in (starting with his hilarious character in Lake Placid). So I expect great things from this almost-animated feature that looks big, loud, impressive, and fantastically generic.