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9: The Weirdest Looking Movie I’ve Ever Been Excited For

May 20, 2009

I left Star Trek happy about two things. First, the movie was excellent. Second, the preview for the movie 9 intrigued me to the point of elation. It’s a very different looking movie, with strange characters like none we’ve ever really seen, unique animation, an original and mature story, and set in an creepy post apocalyptic world where, it seems, a mad scientist created beings in order to preserve life.

I watched the trailer, in awe of the bizarre film I was previewing, and became excited in a way few movies do. In a summer (really, an entire movie era) full of remakes and sequels this seemed like a brilliantly crafted original idea.

Which is not entirely true. The original concept was first seen in the academy award nominated short film of the same title in 2005, embedded here:

Shane Acker’s film was respected so much by the likes of Tim Burton and Timur Bekmambetov that they decide to produce it into a full length feature film, with Acker in the director’s chair. Elijah Wood voices the title character, with support from Crispin Glover, John C. Reilly, Jennifer Connelly, Christopher Plummer, Martin Landau, and Fred Tatasciore.

I’m hoping to spread excitement for this movie early, because I think it has a lot of potential, particularly considering how cool the dialog free, 10-minutes short film was (did you watch it? You should). It comes out September 9th. Get it? 9/9/09. I haven’t seen such creative release dates since The Omen came out on 6/6/06.


Friday Estimates: Keanu Reeves Is Not Will Smith, And Delgo Crashes And Burns.

December 13, 2008

Wow. There’s not much good news to report about this Friday’s numbers. The Day The Earth Stood Still had an alright first day of $12.2 million. Since fanboys probably make up a large percentage of that audience, I’m not foreseeing a great multiplier here. Give the Keanu Reeves and Jennifer Connelly starrer $32 million for the weekend. Nothing Like The Holidays, a family Christmas movie starring Debra Messing, Alfred Molina, and Freddy Rodriguez (among others) had a first day of $1.2 million, which should give it about $4 million for the weekend. And then there was Delgo… In all my years of researching the box office, I don’t know if I can remember a movie doing this poorly… not even Hoot). Delgo had a pitiful first day of just $130,000, good for a venue average of only $60!!! That result is so bad, I don’t even know how to articulate it to you all. Here are the rest of the results:

Friday numbers for December 12, 2008:
1. The Day The Earth Stood Still – $12.2 million
2. Four Christmases – $4.2 million
3. Twilight – $2.7 million
4. Bolt – $1.7 million
5. Australia – $1.3 million
6. Nothing Like The Holidays – $1.2 million
7. Quantum of Solace – $1.1 million
8. Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa – $710,000
9. Milk – $710,000
10. Transporter 3 – $660,000
11. Slumdog Millionaire – $560,000
12. Role Models – $50,000
— Delgo – $130,000

What do you all think of these results?

Weekend Preview: Will The Day The Earth Stood Still Be I Am Legend v. 2.0?

December 12, 2008

This weekend we get a special-effects-driven sci-fi remake starring Keanu Reeves (The Day The Earth Stood Still), a Christmas dramedy (Home For The Holidays), and an ill-conceived computer animation film about an alienish monster (Delgo). Overall, the box office should remain in decent shape, with TDTESS on top and holdovers doing most of the heavy lifting.

This year it seems like each of the opening films is trying to be 2008’s version of other formerly successful December titles. The Day The Earth Stood Still is trying to be 2008’s I Am Legend. A little bit less ambitious, Nothing Like The Holidays is hoping to find the success of 2006’s The Family Stone. And Delgo would settle for even a scrap of Happy Feet or Alvin and the Chipmunks‘ receipts. But will any of these films achieve the heights of their predecessors? Probably not.

Here’s the forecast for the weekend of December 12-14, 2008:

1. The Day The Earth Stood Still – $49 million
2. Four Christmases – $12.1 million
3. Twilight – $7.3 million
4. Bolt – $7 million
5. Nothing Like The Holidays – $6.8 million
6. Australia – $4.3 million
7. Delgo – $4.2 million
8. Quantum of Solace – $3.9 million
9. Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa – $3.3 million
10. Transporter 3 – $2.8 million
11. Milk – $2.4 million
12. Punisher: War Zone – $2.2 million
13. Cadillac Records – $2.2 million
14. Slumdog Millionaire – $1.9 million