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Friday Estimates: Daybreakers Opens Solidly, But Avatar Still 2x Ahead Of Everything Else In 4th Weekend

January 9, 2010

Some very early Friday box office estimates have rolled in, and if you’re getting tired of me writing the same column over and over again, than you may want to stop reading.  To no one’s surprise, Avatar once again topped the chart, and as predicted, it’s falling a bit more softly than the rest of the titles.  With $13.3 million on Friday, Fox’s sci-fi epic is headed for a $45 million weekend, the largest 4th weekend ever at the box office, and a $425 million total by Sunday.  The other December releases are still earning a lot, as well.  Sherlock Holmes will take second place for the weekend, with a projected $17 million gross, and Alvin And The Chipmunks: The Squeakquel, is headed for a $14 million weekend, and a likely third place.  Still, you and I have both heard this before, so in the interest of being interesting, let’s get to the newcomers…

Daybreakers came in second on Friday, sucking up $5.9 million worth of tickets.  Because it plays to such a niche audience, the vampire thriller is sure to be frontloaded, and it will slip into third or fourth place by the end of the frame with a $13.8 million weekend.  Leap Year wasn’t quite as lucky.  The Amy Adams romantic comedy earned $3.3 million on Friday, and a $9.5 million weekend should result.  Youth In Revolt slightly exceeded my low expectations with $2.7 million on Friday.  The teen sex comedy will probably experience some frontloadedness, since it plays to such a young audience (who love to rush out to the movies every Friday night), Youth In Revolt may find $6.5 million this weekend.  Check out the full Friday box office below:

Early Friday Estimates for January 8, 2010
1. Avatar – $13.3 million
2. Daybreakers – $5.9 million
3. Sherlock Holmes – $5.1 million
4. Alvin And The Chipmunks: The Squeakquel – $3.4 million
5. Leap Year – $3.2 million
6. It’s Complicated – $3.1 million
7. Youth In Revolt – $2.7 million
8. The Blind Side – $2.2 million
9. Up In The Air – $2 million
10. The Princess And The Frog – $954,000