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News The Caught My Eye: X4, X-Men: First Class, Paranormal Activity, Venom, And Iron Man 2

September 29, 2009

Welcome to the new Monday feature: News That Caught My Eye.  In this feature, I’ll post some of the coolest news articles I spot each week.  I might write a few of my own thoughts, but really, I’m just hoping to pass along relevant, useful information to YOU, my faithful readers!  I guess that’s enough of an introduction, so let’s go ahead and get started:

Future Of The X-Men Franchise

This is a cool write-up via SlashFilm of X-Men producer Lauren Schuler Donner on the upcoming projects within the franchise.  She talks about the status and/or possibility of features like  X4, Deadpool, and X-Men: First Class. Personally, I think X-Men: First Class should be at the top of the list. I think Deadpool would be an egregious mistake to shell out too much money on…

As well as the eventual New Class, then – whenever that might be – Shuler Donner revealed that she has been cooking up plans for several other mutant films. The two she named? An X4, reuniting the X-Men and a big screen outing for The New Mutants. X4, she said, had yet to be pitched to the studio, however.

5 Minutes on Iron Man 2’s Set

Entertainment Tonight provides us with a look at Iron Man 2 with their exclusive set visit.  Collider posted both of ET‘s videos, one of which you can see here.  The longer (though less informative) one is over at Collider.

Paranormal Activity Director Says “Thanks”

The director of Paranormal Activity, a little horror movie that is socially networking itself into getting a wide release, took a moment to thank excited fans this week.  Latino Review posted the YouTube video of the director, as well as the list of cities that Paranormal Activity is headed to next.  I definitely want to keep my eye on this movie, as it’s release strategy completely fascinates me.

Are We Getting A Venom Movie?

According to Sci-Fi Wire, Sony is going to be producing a Venom movie, despite the incredibly negative response to the character in Spider-Man 3.  Hopefully, they actually spend some time developing him this time!  The article also talks about how this will affect the production of Spider-Man 4.

Today Wernick confirmed to us that the project is still moving forward and the writing team has turned the script in to the suits at Sony. “We’ve written two drafts of Venom, and the studio has it, and they’re pushing forward in whatever ways they push forward,” Wernick told SCI FI Wire in an exclusive interview.


Iron Man Photos That Are NOT Harry Potter Related

July 16, 2009

Apparently there are other movies besides that one with the wizard kid. I had almost forgot.

Some new pictures for Iron Man 2 have been released, including the first reveal of the lovely Scarlett Johansson as Black widow. They’ll be released with Entertainment Weekly with a full preview of comic-con (also known as “Reed’s Mecca”).

And even though I said that isn’t Harry Potter related, his name still appears in the top corner of that cover. It’s inescapable, I’m afraid.

Disney Abandons The Narnia Franchise; But Will "The Voyage Of The Dawn Treader" Still Sail?

December 27, 2008

This week the Walt Disney Company announced that they would no longer be working with Walden Media to produce The Chronicles Of Narnia franchise. Although the studio remained rather mum on the issue, they cited “budgetary considerations and other logistics” as part of their reasoning. Really, though, if you are a box office junkie, it’s no mystery why Disney is suddenly pulling out of the franchise. Let me explain:

The first film in the Narnia franchise, The Lion, The Witch, And The Wardrobe, was a massive success both domestically and internationally. Debuting in December 2005, it earned $291 million in the US, and $745 million worldwide, and went on to sell fantastically on DVD. The second film, Prince Caspian premiered on May 16th of this year, and was a huge disappointment. Domestically, it earned $141 million, less than half of what the original earned. Worldwide, it earned “only” $419 million. That’s a terribly steep decline for a sequel to a blockbuster, and it was immediately clear to Disney that they had misjudged the public’s love of C.S. Lewis’ Narnia books. Apparently, people had a special attachment to the most famous book in the series, The Lion, The Witch, And The Wardrobe, but not the entire set of books. The problem is that these movies are not cheap. Prince Caspian cost $200 million to produce, and that’s not even including the prints and advertising budget (the first film carried a $60 million budget). In the midst of an economic downturn, Disney, like many other studios, is looking critically at its big budget expenditures.

Disney was originally planning on releasing The Chronicles Of Narnia: The Voyage Of The Dawn Treader on May 7, 2010, but that clearly won’t be happening anymore. (Somewhere, Iron Man 2 is cheering…) Walden Media, who owns the movie rights to the Narnia books, claims that they remain committed to the franchise, but were “disappointed” in Disney’s decision. It will be interesting to see what happens next.

Personally, I’m a little bit sad. While I didn’t love the second film, I don’t think that the Narnia franchise was a bad investment at all. Prince Caspian was a relatively tough source material to work with, but frankly, Disney was just plain lazy in their advertising. They expected audiences to come to the theaters just because the word “Narnia” was in their title. The Voyage Of The Dawn Treader is such an exciting book, and could have made a wonderful movie. I actually hope that another studio, who really believes in Dawn Treader‘s potential, makes a deal with Walden Media to co-finance the project. What do you think? Are you sad about the end of the Disney/Narnia relationship? Do you think the third Narnia film will ever see the light of day?