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I’m Not Dead! And The Picture Below Is Not Really True…

December 12, 2008

Hey guys, I don’t know what would suddenly inspire anyone to come check the blog on any sort of regular basis… I mean, it’s been on hiatus since January… but I wanted to drop you all a line and let you know what the situation is. I still very much plan on bringing The Box Office Junkie back into full blogging awesomeness at some point in the future, but I don’t know if now is yet the time to do that. Running the web site the way I want to run it- with informative, in-depth, humorous analysis- takes a lot of time, and right now, I can’t commit to that full time. Still, I do want to come back in a slightly abbreviated capacity.

Thus, from here on out, I will be reporting the numbers with a very small amount of analysis. Each week we will have the Weekend Preview (my forecast), Friday Numbers, and the Weekend Fix, plus whatever other features I feel like reporting on. It’ll be great, and personally, I’m excited! My only regret is that I haven’t been here to gush about Wall-E on a daily basis with you. (But hey, my favorite little robot did well for himself this week!) The only caveat to this whole update, which I must confess to you, is that I am going to be gone during the summer this year. I wanted to tell you all in advance, so it wouldn’t seem like I’m disappearing out of the blue when that time comes. Let me reiterate this point, though: I am SO excited to be getting back into this right now.

Here’s where I need your input. I’ve redone the look of the sight to make it look sleeker and more fresh. Do you like the change? Vote in the poll on the right. Also, I want to know what you all want to see from The Box Office Junkie in the future. I’m open to change. (Lost recaps were brought up to me at one point… I kind of actually like that idea!) The main thing I would like to see is a more communal atmosphere here. I’d love to have people comment, share their thoughts, offer constructive criticism, and generally have fun. If only so I don’t feel like I’m talking to no one.

Alright people, I’ve talked enough. Check back tomorrow for the Weekend Preview.


Going on Hiatus

January 26, 2008
Hey guys, I’ve loved getting to talk about the movies for the last two months with all of you, but due to the massive time requirements that running this website entails, and the lack of compensation, I am going to have to discontinue my work on The Box Office Junkie. It simply takes too much of my time to receive nothing in return, and I’m far too busy at this stage in my life to keep the site going.

Maybe one day I’ll set up the site again, but not for a good, long while. This isn’t a decision I like making, but it’s a necessary one for my stress levels and sanity. Anyway, to anyone that ever read the site, thanks. I really appreciate all your interest.