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Weekend Preview: Valentine’s Day Will Fight Off Greek Gods And Werewolves To Win The Weekend

February 12, 2010

Guys, I’m so sorry that I haven’t been on the ball with posting this week.  Things have been hectic.  I’m trying.  My Tuesday post didn’t exist, and Thursday’s was just a picture.  I’m sort of disappointed in myself, but I’m doing my best, and that’s all I can really do.  The blog won’t be updated this weekend, and the video (which is very short) explains all that.  Plus, you can check out my box office predictions for Valentine’s Day, Percy Jackson And The Olympians: The Lightning Thief, and The Wolfman by watching!  Have a great weekend everyone!


I’m Still Going After The Internship…

February 5, 2010

Hey everyone, this is just a quick update! So I know that it’s Thursday, and I usually do a box office analysis article, but things have been very hectic this week. Between scrambling to get a passport, participating in my fraternity’s rush process, getting my tux dry cleaned for a debutante ball next weekend, trying to finish my schoolwork, and putting the finishing touches on my Entertainment Weekly application, I just needed a day to get really things done. I’m sure you all understand, because you all are the best readers in the world. Anyway, if you know anyone up at EW, be sure to put in a good word for me! And don’t worry, the blog is still on normal operating schedule for the weekend. I’ve already shot the predictions video!

Day Off!

January 20, 2010

Hey friends! Today is my first day of classes back at school, and I want to make sure I’m attentive and prepared.  I’ve got lots of places to go, classes to try out, and books to buy.  I just got accepted into a seminar called “Scriptwriting For Film And TV.” Awesome, right?  I’m going to pay good attention today, so that means no blogging in class, and unfortunately, no Wednesday List! I’m sure you understand!  I’ll see you tomorrow! (hopefully)


TBOJ Turns Two!

December 1, 2009

In the midst of all my excitement about The Blind Side‘s box office performance this weekend, I forgot to mention that The Box Office Junkie reached it’s second birthday!  As of, November 28th, TBOJ is officially two years old, and I’ve got to say, the website has come a long way, and it’s all thanks to YOU!  I remember Googling “box office” back in the day and being so excited when I actually found my site listed on the 53rd page of results.  Today, I just Googled “box office” and found TBOJ on page 4!  While this is far from a huge site, it has been such a blessing to see traffic, commenting, and general interest tick up over the past few months.  I want to let you know that I am going to continue building up TBOJ‘s content as much as I can for as long as I can.  I’ve gotten the daily blog posting down pretty well, but there’s still so much to be done at the homepage.  I guess I just need to remember that Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither is a thorough box office website.  Again, thank you for reading The Box Office Junkie.  You all are the best!

5 Reasons Entertainment Weekly Should Give Me A Summer Internship

November 4, 2009

This week’s Wednesday List is in a slightly different format.  It’s 60% on video, 40% in text, and 100% shameless.  Basically, I’ve always wanted to get a Summer internship at Entertainment Weekly, my favorite entertainment magazine.  Well, the time is coming around for me to start applying, and I figured, “Why not suck up a little bit in the process?  Can’t hurt, right?”  Anyway, if you’re an EW reader, you’ll really like this.  If you aren’t an EW reader, well, you probably still will.  Watch the video above to check out reasons 1-3, and then click on inside to see reasons 4 and 5!  Hope you enjoy!

4. I Can Deal With Hate

Working online for the past two years has taught me that people are going to say rude things to you all the time.  People feel anonymous and say things that they would never say to your face.  Terrible things!  At first, this really bothered me, and I would delete those comments, but over time, I’ve come to love it when people bash an article or video of mine.  Not only is it hilarious, but it helps drive up your traffic ranking!  My favorite recent comment: “I can’t take a grown man seriously who has a bunk bed in his room.”  HA!  Therefore, if I were to write a short piece for EW (which probably wouldn’t happen), and all the readers tore it to shreds, I could handle that!

5. I Got Skillz

I mean, working in the print industry these days is quickly becoming more like working in the online world.  This is my forté!  Plus, in a video-streaming society, I ain’t too shabby at editing videos or talking to the camera.  Working at EW offices and getting to see how is operated, would be the opportunity of a lifetime.

Good News! (I Think)

October 7, 2009

I just got off the phone with Computer Services at my school, and…. my computer is the next in line to get repaired!  I think I should have it back tonight or tomorrow!  Finally!  This means I can make videos, and blog every day again.  Trust me, finding a public computer at my school is competitive, and people aren’t patient if you’re using one of the few coveted computers to blog… I just want my MacBook back ASAP!

Weekend Frustration Only Slightly Counteracted By U2’s Awesomeness

October 2, 2009

Guys, I just needed to drop a quick line and explain what’s going on this weekend with TBOJ.  First off, my hard drive on my computer died, so I haven’t been able to update this week at all.  Also, that means I can’t make any videos or really do anything.  I’ve been borrowing peoples’ computers until mine gets back later this week.  On top of that, I have planned all year to go on a road trip to Pennsylvania this weekend.  I had initially planned to bring my computer and keep up with the blog while at friends’ schools, but as I’m rendered computer-less, this will be impossible.  I’m very frustrated, but next week things should be back to normal.  Sorry, but no predictions and report this week!

All that makes me feel better is that I saw U2 tonight, and they were ah-freaking-mazing.  That picture is the stage!  Best show I’ve ever seen.  It was awesome.  If you want to make me feel even better, though, subscribe to me on YouTube or follow me on Twitter… it’ll make me forget that my laptop melted!

New Feed Set Up! Please Subscribe!

September 8, 2009

I’m happy to tell you that the new feed is here!  After lots of time spent scratching my head, audibly sighing, and making pointless videos in the wee hours of the night (above), I have finally figured out how to set up my new Feedburner feed after I foolishly deleted it last month.   You can subscribe to the new TBOJ feed right HERE, or you can use the link in the linkbar above.  Please Subscribe and tell your friends about The Box Office Junkie!  I love every single one of my readers!

P.S. Also, make sure you re-bookmark this blog with the new blog address:

The Box Office Junkie 2.0 + RSS Feed Details

September 4, 2009

Hey, everyone! Grady, here, and it’s time I get back to what I love to do the most- box office analysis! But first, let me address that mess of a website that The Box Office Junkie has been lately. You may have noticed that the site has undergone a number of changes… Essentially, I am trying to set up TBOJ for long term success, and that requires converting it from a simple blog into a full-fledged website. Unfortunately, the transition caused a three-week hiatus and, worst of all, my Feed was deleted! So, if you’re one of the 70ish people subscribed to this RSS feed, please be checking the new homepage, following the Twitter page, and visiting the new blog address frequently to stay up-to-date until the new feed is set up. Sorry for the confusion, but it’s great to be back at full speed! Now, let’s get analyzing!

Hey, Guys! I’m Back!

August 5, 2009

Hey, fellow box office junkies! It’s Grady, and I’d just like to let you know that I am back from my long, amazing Summer in Pennsylvania, where I worked at a Christian sports camp for about 3 months. It was truly awesome, and I loved every minute of it. (The picture above probably makes sense to no one, but its a small example of some of the craziness of camp. It was taken at the wrestling meet- that’s me in the tie.) I’ll probably go back again next year, but we’ll have to cross that bridge when we get to it!

Reed has done an incredible job holding down TBOJ on his own (really, isn’t he great?), but I’m glad to be back to contribute my thoughts. That’s not to say that I’m going to be back in the full blogging swing just yet. You see, I’m sort of in the midst of a giant crossroads in my life, and I have about two days to decide whether I am going to be a student at UVA or the CU-Boulder next year. Any thoughts on that whole issue? I’m waiting for some clarity. Once I get my college career sorted out, I might be a bit more inclined to talk about the film industry, but I gotta be intentional and purposeful about my decision. Anyway, I’m excited to be back! Peace out, friends!