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Help Me Win A $1000 Contest! Vote For Me!

April 14, 2009

Fellow Box Office Junkies, I need your help! I entered a video contest sponsored by Gatorade, and my video got chosen as a finalist! That means that if I win the public vote I can get $1000! Unfortunately, there’s some dirty campaigning going on with some of the other finalists, and my video, though its CLEARLY the only one that anyone actually put work into, is facing some stiff competition. You have to register to vote, but honestly, all you do is enter your email, and they will never spam your or anything. You can vote every day, and if you could please pass this along to as many people as possible, I’d be endlessly appreciative. Please go here and vote every day: Are You G? Video Contest

I really appreciate it,

P.S. I made the video using PhotoBooth and iMovie on my mac, and it is entered in the Shine On category.