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A Summary Of Some Spectacularly Bad Ideas

June 23, 2009

1. A Sequel to “Taken”
Taken was a good film. It wasn’t a great film, but it was a thoroughly entertaining action flick, bolstered to a slightly higher level by having Liam Neeson star, one of the few actors who could ever bring The Phantom Menace any sort of respect. But it was a one-shot movie. Simple plot, relatively uncomplicated characters, and Liam Neeson killing a lot of people. Awesome, I’ll see it.

But has posted that they have greenlit a sequel to the film. I’m sure it could still be good, meaning I’m sure Liam Neeson will still kick a lot of ass, but we’ve already seen it once, and I’m not just dying to find out what happens to these characters next.

Plus, what will it be called? Taken Again, or if we’re going with the Final Destination series here, “The Taken.”

“Where’s Waldo” in Hollywood?
Funny thing is, that’s actually the title to one of the “Waldo” books. But I finally found him, and he’s starring in his very own movie. What the hell could this be? Is it actually going to be people looking for Waldo? Will the audiences get to look for him in a gigantic crowd? Will there be funny events going on in the background, like cavemen hitting each other with rocks? HA! What a great movie.

Full House: The Movie
“Full House” was one of my favorite TV shows growing up. The sappy sentiment, the squeeky clean humor, watching Bob Saget act like a saint, all made for great early television. I loved the little musical three note bridge that would play, indicating the sad part was coming on and that professions of love were soon to follow.

But really, it was an absurdly cheesy show. Now John Stamos (Uncle Jesse himself) has said he’s been working to get a Full House movie under works. Have mercy. It’s not going to star the same cast, which is a shame. Maybe Michelle followed the same troubled path her actresses did, filled with eating disorders and God knows what else? Did Stephanie fall to drugs like Jodi Sweetin did? (How rude. Jodi Sweetin actually kicked the habit, an admirable feet, no doubt). Whatever happened to Nicki and Alex, the youngsters who were supposed to take the role of ‘cute baby’ once the Olsen twins grew up, but never attained popularity?

Enough, point made. But the show worked because of the cast, who obviously cared about each other. Pretty much everybody helped Jodi Sweetin as she went through rehab for her addiciton to meth, and all of the male leads speak with protective words when people objectify the Olsen twins (hell, they practically grew up under those three as surrogate fathers). And “Full House” was good for it’s time. If they made it today with the same tone, it would fail miserably (I cringe at the thought of a modern ‘you’ve got it, dude’), but if they change the tone, it’s no longer “Full House.” Perhaps it’s best we leave that in the early nineties where it belongs. If you don’t, well I’m afraid you’re in big trouble, mister.

Also, he’s talking of having Tracey Morgan play the role of Joey Gladstone. Okay, okay, I’m fine with him being black, but I really don’t see that working out. Steve Carell as Danny, I kind of see that.