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This Week In Blockbusters Part II: Night at the Museum 2: Battle at the Smithsonians: There Are A Lot Of Colons In That Title

May 23, 2009

Indeed there is another blockbuster hit this weekend besides Terminator Salvation. Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson are joined by the likes of Amy Adams and the hilarious Hank Azaria in the sequel to Night at the Museum. It seems to be a re-tread of the first premise, except this time it’s set in D.C. and the Lincoln Memorial comes to life. For those that don’t recall, the first film was about a museum security guard who was surprised to find all the objects in his museum come to life once the sun sets, including a skeletal T-Rex, a dummy of Teddy Roosevelt (Robin Williams), and miniature caricatures of a small cowboy (Wilson) and Octavius Gaius (Steve Coogan). The sequel will have many of these objects returning, with some new additions including Amelia Earhart (Adams) and Egyptian pharaoh Kah Mun Rah (Azaria). It will also feature cameos by Darth Vader and Oscar the Grouch, both of whom have displays at the museum in D.C.

I don’t expect much from this, nor did I the original. It’s mildly entertaining, perhaps more so for the kids than the adults, so this could be good for a family outing. That is unless you want to scar your kids for life having them watch cyborgs rip humans apart. I might catch this one, because some of the additions have potential to make it superior to the first. Amy Adams is a great actress, but I really like Hank Azaria. He does some of the oddest roles of any actor I’ve ever seen, but is always funny. You might recognize him as David the Scientist Guy from TV’s Friends, or perhaps the Scuba Guy from Along Came Polly, or as the young Patches O’Hoolihan in Dodgeball, or perhaps as Agadore, the flamboyantly homosexual Latin-American house-maid in The Birdcage. If you don’t recognize his face, you’ve undoubtedly heard his voice on The Simpsons. He’s worked there for years, and does many voices including Moe the Bartender, and Apu. I bet you didn’t even know they were voiced by the same guy. Apparently, Azaria has an incredible talent for voice mimicry. That long exposition was to point out that Azaria is a dynamic and hilarious actor, who has always taken on the smaller but scene stealing rolls, and I think his presence in this movie will be great.

Reviews are lackluster, but it could be a good diversion.

Excitement Buzz: 6/10. Unless you’re a kid: 9/10.

Dishonorable Mention: Dance Flick

Whoever thought it was a good idea to put this movie’s release against Terminator and Night at the Museum must be high. It might pull in some revenue, but there are many less competitive weeks ahead where people might actually want to see bad movies since they’ve already seen all the good ones.

Alright, I’m being a little harsh. The Scary Movies are a guilty pleasure of mine, though since then I’ve laughed twice. But I don’t expect this to be anything fantastic. I did, however, laugh at the trailer more than I laughed at the entirety of some other movies. So perhaps the impact of the Waynes Brothers will make this a more-than-tolerable comedy movie.

Excitement buzz: : ( /10