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Cracked: Michael Bay’s "The Great Gatsby"

June 26, 2009

I lately discovered, which has quickly become one of my favorite websites on the net. I laugh a lot while reading some of their stuff, more than I think a normal person should. And today, I read a piece that I had to get a link to here, in case there are some readers out there that have never been. (Usually it’s the big websites that help out the little guy, but not me. This is truly a David helping Goliath, as if they needed my aid. I’m sure they’ll thank me for the shout-out).

It’s a piece on Michael Bay, and I sat here in my little area at work, literally holding back laughter until my stomach hurt and tears were pouring out my eyes. I was working really hard to laugh quietly, but it became harder and harder to do as it went on. Now I think I have a ruptured spleen from buckling over in complete hilarity. I should probably get to the hospital.

I’m sure there’s a lawsuit here somewhere.

Link is here.