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Merry Christmas From Avatar!

December 24, 2009

It’s Christmas Eve, and the Christmas spirit has just reached a peak in my mind.  Why?  Well, because I just saw Avatar, of course!  Now, you may be asking why Avatar (which just passed the $300 million mark worldwide, by the way) would ever put someone in the Christmas spirit, and if you’re a little bit confused, just watch the video above!  I hope you enjoy it- consider it my Christmas gift to all you fantastic readers!  Have an amazing Christmas!


Box Office History: Home Alone

December 24, 2008

Last night, I watched Home Alone for the first time in about 15 years, and I can honestly say that it was one of my favorite movie-watching experiences I’ve ever had. I, along with my whole family, could literally not stop laughing, and I was instantly reminded why Home Alone is a Christmas classic- it’s simply great! It actually brought my family closer together with its constant hilarity and delightfully genuine schmaltz. It deserves any and all praise it receives, and I don’t care about the cynics over at Rotten Tomatoes, this movie is amazing. It’s no wonder the Fox feature earned $285 million at the box office in 1990!

Actually, though, it is. Only three movies have crossed that threshold in 2008 (The Dark Knight, Iron Man, and Indiana Jones), but this was in 1990! A quick look at the week-by-week breakdown for Home Alone will show you just how amazing the Macaulay Culkin film’s box office run was. It stayed in the number one spot on the charts for 12 full weeks! That’s three months! That could never happen in today’s front-loaded scene. Just look at these weekend numbers:

Home Alone’s Box Office Run (From Nov 16- Apr 28)
Week Rank Weekend Gross
% Change
Nov 16-18 1 $17,081,997 $17,081,997
Nov 23-25 1 $20,987,761 +22.9% $48,287,152
Nov 30-Dec 2 1 $14,386,876 -31.5% $66,748,191
Dec 7-9 1 $14,232,156 -1.1% $84,168,098
Dec 14-16 1 $11,617,249 -18.4% $99,307,437
Dec 21-25 1 $15,079,919 +29.8% $118,637,943
Dec 28-Jan 1 1 $25,148,406 +66.7 $152,103,249
Jan 4-6 1 $12,626,851 -50.2% $168,697,638
Jan 11-13 1 $9,813,012 -22.3% $181,405,541
Jan 18-21 1 $11,069,157 +12.8% $194,760,234
Jan 25-27 1 $7,268,334 -34.4% $203,487,564
Feb 1-3 1 $8,215,408 +13.0% $213,551,706
Feb 8-10 3 $6,001,085 -27.0% $221,181,762
Feb 15-18 4 $7,376,443 +22.9% $230,160,502
Feb 22-24 4 $4,831,317 -34.6% $236,363,633
Mar 1-3 5 $4,221,896 -12.6% $241,658,036
Mar 8-10 7 $3,315,651 -21.5% $245,880,904
Mar 15-17 9 $2,731,894 -17.6% $249,557,920
Mar 22-24 8 $2,776,368 +1.6% $253,061,346
Mar 29-31 8 $2,433,479 -12.4% $256,778,093
Arp 5-7 9 $1,954,348 -19.7% $260,077,797
Apr 12-14 9 $1,835,299 -6.1% $262,461,999
Apr 19-21 9 $1,648,188 -10.2% $264,650,281
Apr 26-28 12 $1,122,205 -31.9% $266,197,786
All Numbers Courtesy of Box Office Mojo

The numbers should speak for themselves. That’s an amazingly good performance (it still earned an additional $20 million!), and one that should be remembered by all box office junkies forever. Even The Dark Knight, a movie that has had a very long run in today’s marketplace, relinquished the top spot after four weekends, and it was out of the Top 12 after 12 weekends. Home Alone‘s staying power was just incredible. Good work, Home Alone.

And now to switch gears a little bit. I could really relate to Macaulay yesterday. Just like he was left alone by his family, I felt like I had been left behind by my blog template, which simply decided to stop working altogether. Thank goodness I’m done with my Christmas wrapping, because I ended up frantically trying to save my blog for the entire day. You might’ve said I was starring in Room Alone. But just like little Macaulay Culkin, I actually found myself to have surprisingly good ingenuity. In the end, I had completely switched up the template, made my own header graphics, added some tabs and links at the top, and implemented social bookmarks! I guess my old template dying was a good thing, because I think it looks so much fresher now! Do you?

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Christmas Grosses and The 5-Day Weekend

December 27, 2007

     You may not realize it, but each year, Christmas Day is one of the biggest box office days of the year.  Millions of North Americans flood into movie theaters after celebrating Christmas in the morning, and movies do quite well for themselves.  This Christmas was no exception.  This year, the Top 12 films earned a combined $62.7 million, which almost equals the entire weekend Top 12 from a few weeks ago!  The fact that Christmas Day is so huge at the movies always surprises me, because until I started following the box office a few years ago, I thought no one left their house on Christmas, but this is certainly not the case.  In fact, this was the biggest Christmas day box office in history!  National Treasure: Book of Secrets  captured the third best Christmas Day gross ever, and I Am Legend continued to dominate, while Alien Vs. Predator: Requiem had a great opening day as well:
Top 12 for Christmas Day
1. National Treasure: Book of Secrets – $13.7 million
2. I Am Legend – $9.8 million
3. Alien Vs. Predator: Requiem – $9.5 million
4. Alvin and the Chipmunks – $6 million
5. Charlie Wilson’s War – $4.3 million
6. The Great Debaters – $3.6 million
7. Sweeney Todd – $3.2 million
8. P.S. I Love You – $3.9 million
9. Juno – $2.8 million
10. The Water Horse – $2.4 million
11. The Golden Compass – $2 million
12. Walk Hard – $1.5 million
     Now, onto the five-day weekend.  As I’ve said, during the holidays, every day is pretty much part of the weekend, and all movies see incredible bumps in their grosses.  Still, for whatever reason, the five-day weekend is still a figure that box office analysts love to look at.  Thus, I’ve put together this chart of the Top 20 earners for the past five days.  The box office looks 100% different than it did two weeks ago, proving that there truly is no other time at the movies like late December.
Top 20 for December 21-25
# Movie Title 5-Day Weekend Total
1 National Treasure: Book of Secrets $65.4 million $65.4 million
2 I Am Legend $47.7 million $151 million
3 Alvin and the Chipmunks $38.6 million $94.5 million
4 Charlie Wilson’s War $16 million $16 million
5 Sweeney Todd $13.6 million $13.6 million
6 P.S. I Love You $10 million $10 million
7 Alien Vs. Predator: Requiem $9.5 million $9.5 million
8 The Golden Compass $7 million $51.4 million
9 Juno $6.8 million $9.8 million
10 Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story $6.3 million $6.3 million
11 Enchanted $6.2 million $100.4 million
12 The Great Debaters $3.6 million $3.6 million
13 Atonement $2.9 million $6.7 million
14 No Country For Old Men $2.8 million $37.8 million
15 The Water Horse $2.4 million $2.4 million
16 The Kite Runner $2 million $2.7 million
17 The Perfect Holiday $1.3 million $4.9 million
18 This Christmas $1.3 million $48.2 million
19 Fred Claus $1.2 million $71 million
20 August Rush $0.6 million $29.7 million

Christmas Preview: Four More Films Go Wide

December 25, 2007

     Welcome to today’s Christmas Preview, which will be short and to the point (because hey, even box office analysts need some family time on Christmas Eve).  On Christmas Day, four films enter an already crowded marketplace, each hoping to carve out its own niche at the box office.
     Alien Vs. Predator: Requiem is a sequel to 2004’s $80 million hit Alien Vs. Predator.  Full of gore, blood, grisly deaths, blood, and gore, this gory bloodbath of a thriller was not screened for critics, which is never promising for its reviews, though it should still have the best opening week of the newcomers.  Any success it finds will be based solely on the success of the Alien and Predator franchises, since this has pretty much no star power.  AVP:R (that’s the ridiculous, abbreviated title its going by) opens in 2,653 theaters, and if it performs well, it will obvi have anoth lame sequel, but whatev.  I’m thinking it can bag $17 million in the days before the weekend.

     The Water Horse: Legend of the Deep, a Walden Media production, is the story of a young Scottish boy who discovers a strange water creature.  He befirends it and raises it up in his bathtub, until it becomes too large for him to keep in the house.  Forced to move it into the lake, the boy must try to keep the creature a secret as it grows into the Loch Ness monster.  The trailers are nice, though unexciting, but it should still have an alright box office run because of the lack of competition.  If Alvin and the Chipmunks can make $85 million in ten days, then there is certainly room for another, better reviewed film aimed at the under ten set.  In 2,772 theaters, The Water Horse might pull in $14 million over the next three days.

     The Great Debaters was a movie I hadn’t heard of until it garnered a surprise Golden Globe nomination for Best Picture.  Produced by Oprah’s production company, Harpo, The Great Debaters is an inspirational teacher drama starring Denzel Washington.  It chronicles the journey of Wiley College’s all black debate team, and their fight to gain acceptance in an all white competition in the 1930’s.  With good reviews, The Great Debaters can rely on Denzel’s presence to draw in some crowds, but it will need some awards attention to transcend the expected box office for this rather generic story.  Opening in 1,164 venues, it could earn $6 million until the weekend.
     Juno, Fox Searchlight’s popular teen pregnancy comedy (which I previously wrote about here) expands into 998 theaters on Christmas, and it should see some great returns.  Juno might take in an additional $8 million in the time before Friday.
     The rest of the movies’ weekly totals should just about equal their previous weekend grosses, and this is where the power of holiday box office can be seen at work, and small opening numbers can be redeemed.