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Trailers Guaranteed To Surprise You

July 7, 2009

If I were to tell you that there was a movie called Big Fan, about an obsessed New York Giants fan who worked in a parking garage toll booth, starring comedian Patton Oswalt and written and directed by Robert Siegel, who once wrote for the humor site the onion, what would you assume? Funny comedy right?

Well, what if I told you Siegel also wrote the screenplay for the acclaimed film The Wrestler? This new movie seems to be more in that vein. When I first heard about Big Fan in January, as it was getting rave reviews at Sundance, I thought it was a humorous outing as well. But a little reading told me wrong. Now we have a trailer for the film’s wide release, which will be this August.

Damn, that’s bleak.

Then there’s the new horror film Jennifer’s Body, starring Megan Fox’s Breasts, costarring Amanda Seyfried, Adam Brody, and Megan Fox. Evidently Megan Fox and Her Breasts star as Jennifer, a typical, popular, fantastically gorgeous high-school bitch; except she has some demon inside her that gives her an insatiable taste for human flesh (and makes her tongue fireproof).

The trailer shows it to be almost a comedy, more like Drag Me To Hell than perhaps I would have expected. But then you have Megan Fox saying “I go both ways,” and suddenly this becomes Skinemax. Surprised? On so many levels.

Here’s the Red Band trailer here (probably not safe for work, both because the trailer is violent, and most offices frown upon Megan Fox induced erections):