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Terrence Howard – Box Office Poison

December 18, 2007

     Sometimes movies perform extremely poorly, and there is not an immediately obvious reason why.  A movie that looked good enough will simply fail, and analysts are left scratching their heads.  However, occasionally you can see a pattern arise, and you notice that when ever a certain actor stars in a movie, it fails at the box office.  It is at times like this that we might declare a star box office poison.

     You might not realize it, but Terrence Howard has been in quite a few movies in the last two years.  I say that you might not realize it because none of them have been financial successes.  After his breakout role in Crash and his Oscar-nominated turn in Hustle and Flow in 2005, Terrence Howard seemed to be the next big thing in Hollywood.  Unfortunately, every role he has taken in the two years since then has been poorly chosen (see reviews), and literally none of his ventures have done well at the box office.  In just the last month he has appeared in three films (The Perfect Holiday, August Rush, Awake), all of which will finish with underwhelming totals.  It seems to me that Terrence Howard’s very presence in a movie is enough to sink its box office.  Because of this, I’m officially declaring him box office poison.  Hopefully, he can break this curse by next May.  Otherwise, the $186 million production of Iron Man should be shaking in its metal boots.  Take a look at his last eight films:
Terrence Howard Movies in 2006-2007
8/25/06 Idlewild – $12.7 million
3/23/07 Pride – $7.1 million
5/11/07 The Salon – $139,000
9/7/2007 The Hunting Party – $877,000
9/14/07 The Brave One – $36.8 million
11/21/07 August Rush – $28.1 million
11/30/07 Awake – $13.1 million
12/12/07 The Perfect Holiday – $3.6 million