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Breaking News: Next Academy Awards Ceremony Will Have 10 Best Picture Nominees

June 24, 2009

Today, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences announced that they will now be doubling the nominees for the Oscar for Best Picture from five to ten, starting next year. This is a huge move for the Academy, and could be a reaction to some of the criticisms they’ve faced in the last few years. It had gotten to be a very indie-leaning, small budget, less known/popular movie awards show. Slumdog Millionaire was an exception, but the other nominees were hardly box-office big dogs. They’ve been criticized for this as of late, while critically acclaimed, popular, profitable movies like The Dark Knight were discredited, because of the uptight voters in the Academy. Hopefully with this change, it will allow them to broaden the scope of what type of film can win an oscar. Action and Comedy have been pushed aside for drama as of late. There was a time when Raiders of the Lost Ark and Star Wars were nominated, while I have a hard time seeing that happening today just based on the way the Academy votes. Hell, even Babe was nominated in ’95.

So perhaps we’ll get back to the roots, when there were as many as 12 nominees for best picture. This will hopefully allow them to keep nominating the smaller films, which are typically very good deserving, while also getting in some of the more popular films, which can be just as deserving as well, despite their huge profit margins…

I also expect this to be a move to help bolster ratings of the show, which have been declining over the last decade or so. So will we see movies like Up, maybe even Star Trek, in the running at next years Oscars?