Friday Estimates: Shutter Island Takes Off With $14.1 Million Friday; Everything Else Plummets!

Early Friday Estimates are starting to come in, and a few things are abundantly clear (box office figures are after the jump):

1. Shutter Island is off to a good start.  After months of negative buzz, massive delays, release date changes, and general confusion, Shutter Island actually landed on its feet! The Martin Scorsese/Leonardo DiCaprio collaboration earned a robust $14.1 million on Friday, and it could find $36-39 million over the weekend frame.

2. Valentine’s Day is really not all that impressive once Valentine’s Day has passed.  The romantic comedy, which has more stars than a heart-shaped box has chocolates, fell 61% from last Friday to $5.7 million.  A $16-18 million weekend should result.

3. Percy Jackson & The Olympians didn’t hold as well as it needed to in order to ensure a sequel.  The children’s fantasy fell 58% from last Friday to $4 million.  It recover a bit over the rest of the weekend, though, and find $16.5 million overall.

4. Everyone that really wanted to see The Wolfman did so last weekend.  The horror remake dropped an alarming 69% to $2.9 million, and after a solid debut last frame, it will have trouble reaching just $10 million this weekend.  Not good when you take into account the fact that Universal dropped $150 million to make this!

Except for last week’s openers, which are in complete free-fall, the box office performed pretty much as expected, though drops across the board were larger than expected.  Perhaps box office analysts underestimated just how much moviegoing increased over the President’s Day frame, and the inflated grosses of last weekend created unnaturally large decreases this time around.  Perhaps last week’s openers just had audiences that were very excited to rush out and see the films.  Who knows?  Either way, with drops so large, any semblance of “depth” is quickly disappearing from the box office, which is not a good thing for 2010.  Check out the full chart below.

Friday Estimates For February 18, 2010
1. Shutter Island – $14.1 million
2. Valentine’s Day – $5.7 million
3. Percy Jackson & The Olympians – $4 million
4. Avatar – $3.9 million
5. The Wolfman – $2.9 million
6. Dear John – $2.3 million
7. Tooth Fairy – $1.1 million
8. Crazy Heart – $765,000
9. From Paris With Love – $720,000
10. Edge Of Darkness – $615,000


10 Responses to “Friday Estimates: Shutter Island Takes Off With $14.1 Million Friday; Everything Else Plummets!”

  1. kevin Says:

    It looks like Avatar will continue to hold well – it did $4.8 million last Friday so hasn't dropped by a lot and looks like Dear John will also hold quite strongly.That plummet for The Wolfman definitely is not good, nor is Valentine's Day (though at least it cost $100 million less to produce!). Yep, your thoughts seem right. 2010 is still not pulling it's own weight and seems last weekend was a blip towards the positive that weekend only.Great start for Shutter Island though – very pleased to see it get off to a solid start. I read it only cost $75 million so a $30+ start should see it do nicely once all the monies get added up.

  2. Rohan B Says:

    before even reading this article, I was thinking…uh oh, maybe 2010 doesn't have the depth needed at the box office. I think it's primarily because of (excuse my French) the crap that is being spewed out. We have not had a single solid, well-reviewed release out this year(even including Shutter Island).

  3. Grady Smith Says:

    But look at the big movies during January/February 2009. Paul Blart: Mall Cop, Bride Wars, Taken… were those titles any more impressive?

  4. Rohan B Says:

    Taken was terrific!and I consider Gran Torino and Slumdog Millionaire to be a part of that mix as well (I know they were released in 2008, but they were widely distributed in 09)

  5. Rohan B Says:

    Ps. love the new background with the tiles. stellar!…random question/thought: any hockey fans around here? Canada > USA. Our boys are taking home Gold this year.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    If by our boys you mean Canada then yes they are taking the gold home this year. but usa does have a nice underdog team.By the way for shutter island, i tihnk its 65% tomato rating is a bit odd 9 not to say irrelevant) because it seems that either critics thought it was fantastic and in some cases almost a masterpiece or they thought it was a bit too commercial for scorscese

  7. Krystal Says:

    @ "any hockey fans around here?"I'm surrounded by hockey fans at my church in Vancouver. One lady has a ticket each to the Gold Men's Hockey game & Bronze game & spent a cool $900 for them!! (cough, cough, cough…)GO CANADA GO!!!

  8. kevin Says:

    I'm not sure I go with the angle that this year's releases have been 'crap'.At least not any crapper than past year's releases (at the start or at any other time during the year) but obviously people are not returning for the repeats like they seem to have for some of last year's crap!If you follow my meaning!That said – I just saw The Wolf Man and thought it was top notch cheese!

  9. Rohan B Says:

    I agree, January + February Releases are always the WORST films of the year (except for maybe September). However, this year just seems to be spewing even more bullshit than usual. I mean, Spy Next Door/Tooth Fairy/Extraordinary Measures/Wolfman etc. etc.I think studios care less and less about reviews (read: Transformers 2) and are assuming people will just flock to cinemas to see any random film with a gimmick such as 3D put their way.That's just me ranting but film fans need to take a stand! No more GI Joe!Also, really glad to see a lot of Canadian readers here. See Grady, us Canucks are showing you some love!

  10. kevin Says:

    I think a G.I Joe sequel got greenlit. (Ducks and runs away…..)Anyway, I understand what your saying (although The Wolf Man worked for me as a totally indulgent tosh, I gotta say!).But I think when it comes to some films (summer season etc) a lot of films are in a way review-proof. I mean Transformers 2 itself did prove that people will go and see CGI fests in their droves no matter what the critics said about it.But then, we know that.Until audiences don't go, we get more of them!!

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