Weekend Preview: Moviegoers Will Get Lost On Shutter Island

TBOJ is back in full force today, and it should stay that way for a while!  The video may be late, but I’m all done playing catch up.  This week, we only have one new film coming out, and that’s the highly anticipated Martin Scorsese picture Shutter Island, which should nab the top spot at the box office pretty easily.  To see my prediction for Shutter Island, as well as the rest of the Top 5, check out the video above.  Then, click below to see my full box office predictions for this weekend!

Box Office Predictions for February 19-21, 2010
Rank Movie Theaters Predicted Gross
1 Shutter Island 2,991 $31 million
2 Valentine’s Day 3,665 $24 million
3 Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightning Thief 3,396 $20 million
4 Avatar 2,581 $18 million
5 The Wolfman 3,223 $15 million
6 Dear John 3,062 $8 million
7 Tooth Fairy 2,523 $4.4 million
8 Crazy Heart 1,089 $4.3 million
9 From Paris With Love 2,311 $3.8 million
10 Edge Of Darkness 2,118 $3.3 million


9 Responses to “Weekend Preview: Moviegoers Will Get Lost On Shutter Island”

  1. Rohan B Says:

    I have been waiting for Shutter Island for a really long time. I'm a bit hesitant because of what the critics have to say, but Scorsese never really disappoints. and, from a personal standpoint- DONT MAKE THE VIDEOS SHORTER! I love the 10 minute ones, you always have great stuff to talk about and I love every second of them. This one for example, I felt was rushed. But maybe that's because I just love the box office almost as much as you do.Cheers Grady. glad to have you back.

  2. Grady Smith Says:

    Wait, I didn't rush in this one! It's just that there was only one new opener! 😀

  3. Brandon Says:

    i may have been right on my dear john prediction, but my wolfman prediction was way way off. haha.

  4. kevin Says:

    I'm with Rohan. I have been waiting for Shutter Island for ages since it's move last year and the reviews won't deter me from seeing it at all!Although I wonder if that estimate might be a skoosh high.

  5. Grady Smith Says:

    A skoosh?! Best word ever!

  6. Graham Says:

    Shutter Island does look good, but I'm not convinced it will be in the range of Scorsese's other works, like The Departed.

  7. Nelson Says:

    Martin Scorsese is my favorite director. Leo is one of my 5 favorite actors. I watch a ton of movies. This is one of Marty's 5 best films. Its a masterpiece. First viewing, people might think that it didn't tie together correctly, or that it was just a typical thriller, but its much more then that. This movie has a very tough story to tell, and it does it in such a eerie/creepy visually stunning way. Leo deserves an oscar nomination. I felt like I was right there with him. The way this movie ended was perfect. I found myself wanting more. I wanted to be stuck on the island with Leo to help him solve the mystery. I went to the midnight showing last night, and I had about 40-50 people there. I am in Seattle,WA area. This movie was great.

  8. kevin Says:

    Thanks for the info – It doesn't come out here where I am for a few weeks yet but waiting patiently!Grady – yep, I love a 'skoosh' now and again, very useful word!In fact, it appears I was a skoosh wrong about Shutter Island's appeal. Going by early friday estimates coming out now you're going to be pretty on target with your guess!

  9. Rohan B Says:

    Turns out Shutter Island IS a success (box office wise).DiCaprio + Scorcese = Box Office and Critical Gold.Keep it up.

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