Why Valentine’s Day Will Do Very Well This Weekend…

And that is my honest opinion.
The title and genre will earn a few million.
The ginormous cast will make a few million more.
The actual day of Valentine’s Day will contribute substantially.
But Taylor and Taylor will draw the masses.


2 Responses to “Why Valentine’s Day Will Do Very Well This Weekend…”

  1. kevin Says:

    Goodness knows why – he can't act and she can't sing! Must be the teeth!Personally I'm more a Jennifer Garner/Julia/Jessica Biel/Hathaway fan…..well, heck….anyone but Swift really!I'm kinda kidding though, but merely pointing out that when I go see this flick (and I will!) not everyone will be going for them!

  2. Rohan B Says:

    disagree. i think that the 'masses' you are referring to are just a couple of young couples (young meaning 12-18 year olds). Most people who watch this will be because of the large ensemble cast and the premise.

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