Friday Estimates: Dear John Goes To Battle And Comes Out On Top!

Remember how I mentioned in yesterday’s video that I wouldn’t be totally surprised if Dear John managed to win the weekend?  Well, after a fantastic Friday, it looks like the romantic drama is going to! Dear John earned a tremendous $13.8 million yesterday, and where it heads from here is an interesting question.  I’m guessing Channing Tatum has a substantial number of teen fangirls, who rushed out on Friday to see this film, so it will be fairly frontloaded.  That being said, Dear John should hold better than most every other movie on Super Bowl Sunday.  All told, an awesome $31 million weekend is in store for Dear JohnAvatar came in second with $6.2 million, and while the sci-fi epic will finally give up the top spot, it will still only fall about 25% from last weekend to $23 million, lifting its total to $629 million.  From Paris With Love couldn’t even live up to lowered expectations, and the John Travolta shoot-em-up only grossed $3 million on Friday.  This should lead to a weak $8 million weekend, only slightly more than what Edge Of Darkness will earn in its second weekend.  Otherwise, there’s not too much to report, as things are performing pretty much as expected.  Crazy Heart broke into the Top 10 with $1.1 million on Friday, and the Oscar-nominated release might see a $3.3 million weekend.  Check below for full Friday box office estimates:

Friday Estimates For February 5, 2010
1. Dear John – $13.8 million
2. Avatar – $6.2 million
3. From Paris With Love – $3 million
4. Edge Of Darkness – $2.3 million
5. When In Rome – $2 million
6. Tooth Fairy – $1.7 million
7. The Book Of Eli – $1.5 million
8. Crazy Heart – $1.1 million
9. Legion – $1.1 million
10. Sherlock Holmes – $785,000


6 Responses to “Friday Estimates: Dear John Goes To Battle And Comes Out On Top!”

  1. Rohan B Says:

    NO!!! Out of all the movies to take down Avatar I was hoping Dear John wouldn't be!At least like The Wolfman or Valentine's Day.

  2. graham Says:

    Thank god Avatar's out of the running. I like the film and all, but it's getting so boring, just like Titanic's reign. Dear John may not be that good, but I commend it for taking down such a beast. Valentine's Day, The Wolfman and Percy Jackson should crush it next weekend though!

  3. Jose Salvador Says:

    WTF?!? Maybe it will go down to No. 2 by Saturday, the same stuff happened to Book Of Eli and Sherlock Holmes.

  4. kevin Says:

    I don't think there's much difference between Dear John and Valentine's Day toppling it in terms of 'Yikes!!' but hey, it had to fall sooner or later!

  5. mfan Says:

    Dear John trys to reach out to guys with lots of scenes of/about the military. But how, exactly are guys going to find that out? Are girls going to go home and talk about how they liked the part showing Army Special Forces in their actual military roles? I thought the movie pretty good. A little better than New Moon.

  6. Grady Smith Says:

    Thanks for the info mfan! That's really interesting. I think the title sort of predetermined that this would be geared toward women, and I think women are an easier demographic to target in advertising. Trying to target guys exclusively leads to advertising in Sports Illustrated and on ESPN.

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