I’m Still Going After The Internship…


Hey everyone, this is just a quick update! So I know that it’s Thursday, and I usually do a box office analysis article, but things have been very hectic this week. Between scrambling to get a passport, participating in my fraternity’s rush process, getting my tux dry cleaned for a debutante ball next weekend, trying to finish my schoolwork, and putting the finishing touches on my Entertainment Weekly application, I just needed a day to get really things done. I’m sure you all understand, because you all are the best readers in the world. Anyway, if you know anyone up at EW, be sure to put in a good word for me! And don’t worry, the blog is still on normal operating schedule for the weekend. I’ve already shot the predictions video!


11 Responses to “I’m Still Going After The Internship…”

  1. Cyberwetter Says:

    I wish i knew someone at EW….

  2. Reed Arnold Says:

    Grady, get this internship, and I'll know someone at EW…

  3. Brandon Says:

    Grady, good luck with the internship. you deserve it.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Where are you traveling?

  5. Grady Smith Says:

    Deep down to good ole Southern Dixie!

  6. graham Says:

    You should definitely get it; and then when you become a high flying journalist/box office analyist etc. you should give all your loyal followers a job!

  7. mfan Says:

    It's great that you know all about the people at EW, but perhaps you should talk to the actual interns and ask them what about their resumes helped them land the job.I always enjoy your blog.

  8. kevin Says:

    Good luck with the application.

  9. Rohan B Says:

    if there is anyone who deserves an internship for a magazine related to media it's you Grady.Best of luck! You deserve this! Just don't forget the site when you're working hard at EW.

  10. Jose Salvador Says:

    Hopefully you'll get the internship, you'd be a better box office analyst than Nicole over at EW.

  11. scissorhands Says:

    EW if you read me, give Grady the internship! You will not be disappointed!

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