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Friday Estimates: Michael Jackson’s This Is It Doesn’t Live Up To Hype

October 31, 2009

Michael Jackson’s concert film, This Is It, earned $7.4 million on its opening Wednesday, and then followed that up with a steep 50% drop to $3.7 million on Thursday.  Obviously, this is going to be a very frontloaded film, and it will certainly undercut most everyone’s expectations, which had This Is It pegged at earning about $50 million in its first five days.  Now, a five day total of about $30 million seems more likely. 

UPDATE: Friday box office results are now in, and This Is It earned $7.5 million.  Just as the Wednesday/Thursday figures were frontloaded, so should the weekend figures be.  A $20 million weekend seems likely for Jackson’s posthumous documentary, which is far below what Sony was hoping for. Perhaps the film was hurt by the fact that Jackson lacked a large fanbase among young people. Perhaps the film will hold up better than expected over the rest of the weekend. We’ll have to wait and wee, but I wouldn’t count on it.  Paranormal Activity found another solid $6 million on Friday, and it should do very well on Halloween. Its performance will be good for second place, and the horror film that can’t be stopped should find $17 million over the weekend frame.  Meanwhile, Paranormal‘s main victim, Saw VI, could only manage $2 million on Friday, and it’s looking at an awful $6 million second weekend. Keep reading for the very early Friday Estimates:

Friday Estimates for October 30, 2009
1. This Is It – $7.5 million
2. Paranormal Activity – $6 million
3. Couples Retreat – $2.4 million
4. Law Abiding Citizen – $2.4 million
5. Where The Wild Things Are – $2.2 million
6. Saw VI – $2 million


Weekend Preview: This Is It For Michael Jackson’s This Is It

October 30, 2009

Only one new release this weekend, and that is Sony’s Michael Jackson’s This Is It, the documentary about Michael Jackson’s final hours as he prepared for his latest tour.  Watch the video above (you’ll see me getting musical!) to get my prediction for This Is It‘s box office potential.  The rest of the chart should largely look the same as last week.  Paranormal Activity will see a soft drop, as Paramount is adding 457 theaters to its count.  $100 million is all but assured for Paranormal at this point.  Law Abiding Citizen and Couples Retreat will continue their impressive runs with small decreases, while Where The Wild Things Are and (to a greater extent) Saw VI will fall hard.  Read on for my full predictions for this Halloween weekend…

Box Office Predictions for October 30 – November 1, 2009
Rank Movie Theaters Predicted Gross
1 Michael Jackson’s This Is It 3,481 $35 million
2 Paranormal Activity 2,402 $15 million
3 Law Abiding Citizen 2,764 $8 million
4 Where The Wild Things Are 2,754 $7 million
5 Couples Retreat 3,027 $6.7 million
6 Saw VI 3,036 $5.8 million
7 Astro Boy 3,020 $4 million
8 The Stepfather 2,346 $3.8 million
9 The Vampire’s Assistant 2,754 $3.2 million
10 Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs 2,322 $3.2 million

DVD Sales: The Proposal Wins, Land Of The Lost Loses

October 28, 2009

Another week, another DVD Sales Chart!  Hot on the heels of the huge debuts of Wolverine and Monsters Vs. Aliens, we had yet another blockbuster debut this week, but this time it was females who drove this one to the top.  Click on inside to keep reading my DVD Sales Notes…

DVD Sales Notes:

-Sandra Bullock flexes her star power once again as The Proposal sells a huge 2.4 million DVDs in its first week for a $39.3 million total! For an already successful movie that grossed $163.9 million, this is a fantastic result, and it shows that romantic comedies, if they’re good enough and have the right stars, are still a hot commodity.

-Just as Land Of The Lost was ignored in theaters, its DVD debut is equally inauspicious with a $7.4 million sales week.  The Will Ferrell movie that never took off only made $49.4 million in theaters, though it carried a huge $100 million budget.

Trick ‘r Treat‘s release is confusing to me.  According to reviews, it’s good.  But it’s available almost nowhere, and it received no promotion, so I’m not sure what Warner Brothers is doing with it.  All I know is that it should probably be earning more than the $2 million its earned after two weeks…

-On the TV front, It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia: Season 4 and Bones: The Complete Fourth Season are both doing pretty well on DVD, as each show passed the $10 million mark in sales this week.

-Once again, the Halloween effect is in full force this week.  (Except with the debut of Drag Me To Hell! Why won’t people watch this movie- it’s great!)  If you need proof, look no further that Hocus Pocus‘ #14 re-entry onto the chart!

Top DVD Sales for the Week Ending October 18, 2009
# Title Units this Week % Chg Total Units Sales this Week Total Sales Wks
1 The Proposal 2,413,215 -.-% 2,413,215 $39,261,077 $39,261,077 1
2 Land of the Lost 460,924 -.-% 460,924 $7,370,175 $7,370,175 1
3 Monsters vs. Aliens 380,564 -46.4% 3,326,567 $6,744,774 $58,075,082 3
4 Drag Me to Hell 341,229 -.-% 341,229 $5,797,481 $5,797,481 1
5 X-Men Origins: Wolverine 177,854 -3.1% 3,697,164 $2,748,076 $62,869,550 5
6 Year One 148,654 -56.6% 491,556 $2,376,977 $7,859,980 2
7 Hannah Montana The Movie 107,388 13.7% 2,632,023 $1,624,780 $45,431,718 9
8 Katt Williams: Pimpadelic 97,494 -.-% 97,494 $1,656,423 $1,656,423 1
9 The Wizard of Oz 79,395 -34.9% $1,468,014 656
10 Edward Scissorhands 76,982 -14.0% $805,586 476
11 Ghosts of Girlfriends Past 73,603 -27.7% 913,902 $1,397,721 $16,104,058 4
12 Corpse Bride, The 73,362 -28.8% $402,757 194
13 Spookley the Square Pumpkin 68,535 -14.8% $641,261 215
14 Hocus Pocus 64,433 -.-% $385,954 385
15 It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia: Season 4 62,985 -.-% 411,649 $1,573,995 $10,644,577 5
16 Bones: The Complete Fourth Season 62,502 -70.5% 274,623 $2,343,200 $10,189,556 2
17 Dr. Seuss – Green Eggs and Ham and Other Favorites 62,261 -25.5% $404,074 315
18 Legend of the Seeker: The Complete First Season 60,572 -.-% 60,572 $1,937,698 $1,937,698 1
19 Clifford the Big Red Dog: Clifford’s Big Halloween 60,330 -22.8% 199,057 $512,202 $1,689,994 162
20 My Life in Ruins 58,882 -55.4% 190,871 $1,177,051 $3,815,511 2
21 Break-Up, The 57,435 -23.6% 3,120,825 $466,085 $51,548,518 157
22 Coraline 53,091 -4.4% 2,088,101 $825,103 $38,144,080 13
23 Race to Witch Mountain 50,678 -21.4% 1,586,609 $828,347 $28,766,644 11
24 Bring It On: Fight to the Finish 47,782 -21.1% 624,910 $716,252 $10,903,483 7
25 Observe and Report 45,610 -37.5% 438,837 $911,744 $8,110,879 4
26 Trick ‘r Treat 43,438 -53.3% 136,356 $651,136 $2,043,976 2
27 Barbie and the Three Musketeers 42,473 -26.5% 730,153 $636,670 $10,601,492 5
28 The Sandlot 38,989 -42.2% $279,575 403
29 Management 35,681 -.-% 118,931 $713,263 $2,377,431 3
30 Crank 2: High Voltage 35,474 -24.5% 624,346 $667,110 $11,336,000 6

(Lack Of) Weekend Fix: Paranormal Steals Saw VI’s Activity

October 27, 2009

One of the things I remember most about playing basketball growing up was the warm ups before each game.  All the players are scattered about the key, shooting basketballs up at the boards.  Many times, the balls all seemed to reach the basket at almost exactly the same time, as if we players had been planned to shoot together at a precise moment, and when one ball swished through the net, they usually all did.  However, every once in a while when this phenomenon occurred, the first ball to reach the hoop would miss, and suddenly every shot was a brick.  None of them would go in.  That’s how this week has been.

Usually, things go swimmingly.  My life’s proverbial jump shots usually sail through the net.  Of course, they occasionally fall to the ground, but you know, things are pretty good for me.  This weekend, however, was tough.  Though it was awesome, it was the perfect storm of busyness in my life.  I had a huge football game to attend on Saturday, two events that I had planned and had to run on Sunday, and two projects due on Tuesday.  Add in the fact that I think I might have the flu (gasp!), and you can see why the Weekend Fix is delayed.  I’m sorry, but I’m just going to have to cut my losses and skip the Weekend Fix this week. I’m really sorry about this, but you can go ahead and read the recap from my other favorite box office website here. Otherwise, the blog should operate normally.  All you really need to know is this:

Paranormal Activity is lightning in a bottle.  Saw VI got unlucky this year.  It looks like people want a horror movie at Halloween more than they want Saw.

Friday Estimates: Paranormal Activity Kills The Saw Franchise?

October 24, 2009

This is not good news for the Saw franchise.  Saw VI could only open to $7 million on Friday.  Considering how frontloaded this franchise historically is, this mean were looking at an $18 million weekend.  That’s WAY down from the standard $30 million openings of the Saw franchise.  There’s not great news for The Vampire’s Assistant ($2.3 million), Astro Boy ($2 million), or Amelia ($1.3 million) either.  Paranormal Activity looks like it will take the top spot after a $7.5 million Friday, and it should earn pretty much exactly what I predicted with $21.5 million over the weekend.  In other news, Where The Wild Things Are dropped a huge 63% from last Friday to $4.4 million, and it should pull in $13-14 million over the weekend.  That’s a huge drop for a movie that targeted kids and families… Law Abiding Citizen, meanwhile, fell just 45% to $4.2 million, and it should find $12.5 million over the weekend.  Here are the very early Friday Estimates:

Early Friday Estimates for October 23, 2009
1. Paranormal Activity – $7.5 million
2. Saw VI – $7 million
3. Where The Wild Things Are – $4.4 million
4. Law Abiding Citizen – $4.2 million
5. Couples Retreat – $3.7 million
6. The Vampire’s Assistant – $2.3 million
7. The Stepfather – $2.1 million
8. Astro Boy – $2 million
9. Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs – $1.5 million
10. Zombieland – $1.3 million
11. Amelia – $1.3 million

Weekend Preview: Can Paranormal Activity Scare Away Saw VI’s Audience?

October 23, 2009

Sorry this post is a few hours late, but between Blogger shutting down, a dentist appointment, my internet router crashing, and being generally sick and stuffy, this really is the fastest I could’ve gotten this posted!  Anyway, it’s going to be another busy weekend at the box office in what’s shaping up to be a very healthy October.  New releases include Saw VI, Astro Boy, Cirque Du Freak: The Vampire’s Assistant, and Amelia, and Paranormal Activity is getting a major national expansion.  Watch the video above for my box office predictions for these movies, and then check below for my full prediction chart.  It should be a busy, fun weekend at the movies!

Box Office Predictions for October 23-25, 2009
Rank Movie Theaters Predicted Gross
1 Saw VI 3,036 $25 million
2 Paranormal Activity 1,945 $21.5 million
3 Where The Wild Things Are 3,735 $16 million
4 The Vampire’s Assistant 2,754 $12 million
5 Law Abiding Citizen 2,890 $11 million
6 Astro Boy 3,014 $10 million
7 Couples Rereat 3,074 $9 million
8 The Stepfather 2,734 $5.2 million
9 Amelia 818 $5 million
10 Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs 2,741 $4.8 million

Star Trek or Paranormal Activity? Which Is REALLY The Bigger Moneymaker For Paramount?

October 22, 2009

In one corner we’ve got a major blockbuster: Star Trek.  In the other corner, we’ve got an independently produced horror movie: Paranormal ActivityStar Trek is Paramount’s highest grossing film of 2009, with a huge $257 million in the bank.  Paranormal Activity, on the other hand, has earned $36 million in its first month in theaters.  So which movie do you think has been the more successful performer for Paramount?  Sensible logic would say that Star Trek is the obvious winner, but I’m not so sure that’s the case.  Let’s crunch some numbers and figure this out…

Star Trek

Domestic Gross – $257.7 million
International Gross – $127.2 million
Worldwide Total – $384.9 million
Theater’s Share ≈ $50 million (Theater’s usually take about 20% of the theatrical gross)
Production Budget – $150 million
Advertising Budget – $75-140 million (There are conflicting reports on this.  I’ve seen everything from $75 million, which seems low, to $140 million, which seems a bit high.  Let’s split the difference and use $107 million as our figure.)
International Advertising And Distribution – $75 million?  (I really have no idea because I can’t find figures for this anywhere! Still, to promote and release a film all over the world seems like it must take more than $50 million, so I’ll make a guess, that is very much just a guess, of $75 million.)
TV Distribution – $30.9 million (FX agreed to pay 12% of the domestic gross for the TV rights)

Total Negative Costs ≈ $382 million
Total Combined Earnings – $415.8
Profit ≈ $33.8 million

Paranormal Activity

Domestic Gross – $36.9 million (so far)
International Gross – N/A
-Theater’s Share – $7 million
Production Budget – $11,000 (But this was not paid for by Paramount.  This was independently made and then bought by Dreamworks/Paramount before the big split between them.(
Rights to Distribution – $350,000 (Source; This is what Paramount, then called Dreamworks, had to pay to be able to release this movie.)
Advertising Budget – less than $1 million (The campaign was done online, which is very cheap compared to traditional TV/print advertising)
TV Rights – N/A

Total Negative Costs ≈ $8 million
Total Earnings – $37 million
Profit – $29 million (so far)

So who is our winner?  Let’s hash that out. After the hundreds of millions spent on production and distribution, the sci-fi reboot of Star Trek has netted just over $33 million for Paramount.  Great DVD sales are all but assured, and the movie no-doubt will benefit from merchandising, but DVDs aren’t available yet, and I have no way of knowing what sort of merchandising revenues Paramount has collected.  Still, after all the money spent on Star Trek, one would think that the movie would’ve managed to make a bit more money theatrically.  Frankly, I’m not surprised that it hasn’t.  Studios are notorious for spending egregious amounts of money on their movies, and they receive frequent criticism for their frivolous spending.  The bottom line is that Star Trek cost a ton of money, and there’s just no getting around that.  Still, while the theatrical release did not find Pirates-style box office grosses, the film served much more as a platform for the future of the Star Trek franchise.  The DVD will be huge.  The merchandising grosses are surely valuable.  And the sequel will be gigantic!  Therefore, while Paramount invested a horrendously large amount in Star Trek, it looks like their gamble worked well enough and it will continue to pay off in the future.

Paramount hasn’t had to work nearly as hard, though, to earn money with Paranormal Activity.  The movie was independently made for $11,000 and then Dreamworks/Paramount purchased it for $350,000.  The movie was advertised solely through Eventful, and so pretty much no money was spent on advertising- the buzz just built itself!  Because Paramount invested almost no money in Paranormal Activity‘s release, pretty much all of its gross is pure profit!  Now the movie has earned $8 million and $20 million in the last two weekends, and it’s only going to keep expanding through Halloween, so higher grosses are surely on the way.  I have no idea where Paranormal Activity will finish, and who knows if it will get an international release, but the deafening buzz and its amazing Cinderella story thus far, seem to be pointing it in the direction of at least $80-90 million.  Again, Paramount has had to spend almost nothing on this movie, and so the theater’s share of the gross is really the only other factor we need to look at.  If we say Paranormal finishes with about $90 million, then Paramount is looking at a $70 million profit!  And that’s without DVD sales!

Now, don’t get me wrong, Star Trek is by no means a failure.  The movie did well, and the franchise will continue to thrive because of it, but when you are looking at production and distribution costs of about $332 million vs. costs of pretty much nothing, it’s going to be very hard to recoup that amount of money quickly.  Paranormal Activity is pure gravy, and you can mark my words, in terms of theatrical profits, this is Paramount’s biggest success in a long, long time.

10 Movies That Are Always On TV

October 21, 2009

We’re right here at the middle of the week.  Some call today hump day, but TBOJ calls it List Wednesday!  This week, I’m counting down the 10 movies that I see playing on TV more than any others.  This is not really a countdown of quality, but one of frequency, because I think we all know that USA, TBS, TNT, and apparently now the Weather Channel, all play the same movies over and over again each weekend.  You know, there’s something kind of nice about watching a movie on TV.  It’s comforting, predictable, and somehow, even though you may already own the DVD, you feel a certain desire to watch the TV version.  It’s like hearing a great song on the radio: the fact that you didn’t choose it makes it even better! Anyway, here are the 10 films that I feel like are always on TV:

10. National Lampoon’s Vacation

This one always came on when I was younger, but it plays less frequently these days, which is a shame.  I swear, I’ve seen Grandma die and get strapped to the roof of the station wagon at least a dozen times, and it’s never any less funny!  Today’s kids have Wall-E, but they don’t have Wallyworld!

9. Twins

A classic Ahnuld and Danny Devito movie, in which the two play twin brothers.  Implausible? Yes.  Awesome? Of course!  I will always find it hilarious that Arnold is not only physically perfect, but he’s also the good guy, whereas Devito has to be short, fat, and evil! 

8. Not Another Teen Movie

The extent to which people enjoy this movie is based on their generation.  About eight or nine years ago, She’s All That, The Breakfast Club, and Can’t Hardly Wait were the movies that were always on TV, and this movie mocks them (and every other teen movie of the last 20 years) boldly, so if you know what NATM is referencing, it’s brilliant.  This is probably my biggest guilty pleasure flick.

7. Grease

You see the Greasers on the bleachers and the Pink Ladies at the lunch table, and you’re sucked in.  Say goodbye to your next two hours and just enjoy it.

6. Coming To America

Eddie Murphy is an African prince.  He moves to New York and looks for a wife.  That’s really all I know because I’ve never watched this movie.  I don’t know why, but for some reason I just feel like I wouldn’t like it.  I know to put it on this list because I see it on TV all the time, and then I change the channel.

5. Never Been Kissed

This Drew Barrymore back-to-high-school comedy is totally roofus.  Everyone can relate to feeling awkward in high school, and Josie-Grosie is just so unbelievably endearing.  Plus, I’m a sucker for Barrymore’s speech at the prom after the dog food incident.

4. Jumanji

I’m pretty sure everyone has seen this movie.  If you haven’t, then allow me to compare you to the fat rhino who just can’t keep up with the rest of the pack.  You’ve got Robin Williams at his best and most adventurous, Bonnie Hunt being awesomely paranoid, and Kirsten Dunst holding her own.  Add a cool plot and some amazing special effects, and you’ve got a blockbuster.  Unfortunately, Jumanji didn’t do all that well in theaters ($100.5 million), so I’m glad its gotten way more exposure on TV over the years.

3. Bring It On

Here’s a teen movie that isn’t completely stupid!  In fact, it’s got wit, attitude, a ton of beautiful girls, and a fun story tell.  Here again, in Dunst, is an endearing character.  Who isn’t rooting for a spunky, hard-working cheerleader who gets cheated on by her boyfriend, betrayed by her former captain, cry/dances in her room alone, and still tries to make things right and win Nationals?  This is a theme I’m noticing: endearing blonde women somehow make movies delightfully rewatchable… see #7, #5, #4, #3, and #1.

2. The Replacements

Boy is this a dumb movie, but really, no one wants to watch a serious movie on TV.  Between the constant commercials and the inevitable people that will interrupt you throughout, a ridiculous football comedy starring Keanu Reeves works just fine.

1. Legally Blonde
How many weekends in the last five years has TBS played this Reese Witherspoon legal comedy on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday?  It seems like its on a couple times a month!  But I’m not complaining, because Legally Blonde is just a funny movie.  The pretentious Harvard students, the admissions video, and the ridiculous perm-filled lawsuit are, like, so, totally, fabulous!

Now, I want to hear what you all think! Have I left off any movies that you feel are always showing up on the tube? Do you relate to these choices? Let me know in the comments!

DVD Sales: Monsters Repeats On Top; Year One Has A Poor Week One; Halloween Titles Flourish

October 20, 2009
I won’t lie to you- it was a pretty slow week on the Home Market, and the chart looks fairly similar to last week, but there are a couple of surprises, and some of them are just so random, I don’t even know what to think!  Take a look inside for my DVD Sales Notes and the full DVD Sales Chart:

DVD Sales Notes

Monsters Vs. Aliens repeats its reign on top of the chart this week, adding an additional $12.6 million to its gross.  In two weeks, it’s sold just under 3 million copies, giving it a smokin’ $51.5 million total.

-Unfortunately for Year One, the crass caveman comedy starring Jack Black and Michael Cera, did as poorly in its first week on DVD as it did in theaters.  Year One sold 348,954 copies, for a sad total of just $5.6 million.

-The impressive TV-on-DVD performer of the week is Bones: The Complete Fourth Season, which earned about $8 million in its first week.  For a procedural show, this is pretty great!

The Cat In The HatMatilda?!  THE SANDLOT?!?!  Am I ten years old again?  Are we seeing an early Christmas shopping effect?  I mean, these titles are just too random to reappear on the chart, and other things like Race To Witch Mountain, Gran Torino, and Bring It On: Fight To The Finish saw solid increases, as well.  Maybe these all got  re-releases that I didn’t know about, but I’m calling early Christmas sales.  The Break Up has to be the most random thing on that chart, though.  I guess Vince Vaughn’s turn in Couples Retreat inspired people to go check out this 2006 title.

-Whether or not we’re seing any kind of Christmas effect, we’re definitely starting to see a major Halloween effect on the home market.  The Corpse Bride, almost 4 years after its original release found $538,507 this week, good for eighth place among all DVDs.  Trick ‘r Treat, the direct-to-DVD feature starring Anna Paquin, earned $1.4 million.  This must have been bad- Warner Bros. didn’t even try to promote it.  Other spooky movies that are benefiting from the Halloween effect include Edward Scissorhands (+24%), Spookley The Square Pumpkin (+29%), Clifford’s Big Halloween (+33%), and Coraline (+6%). 

Check out the full chart below:

Top DVD Sales for the Week Ending October 11, 2009
# Title Units this Week % Chg Total Units Sales this Week Total Sales Wks
1 Monsters vs. Aliens 720,831 -67.8% 2,956,450 $12,586,574 $51,512,725 2
2 Year One 348,954 -.-% 348,954 $5,579,774 $5,579,774 1
3 Bones: The Complete Fourth Season 215,745 -.-% 215,745 $7,980,408 $7,980,408 1
4 X-Men Origins: Wolverine 186,911 -32.0% 3,522,587 $3,181,692 $60,177,257 4
5 My Life in Ruins 135,012 -.-% 135,012 $2,698,890 $2,698,890 1
6 The Wizard of Oz 123,839 -60.5% $2,510,093 655
7 Ghosts of Girlfriends Past 105,458 -46.8% 843,959 $2,002,647 $14,775,840 3
8 Corpse Bride, The 105,313 57.5% $538,507 193
9 Hannah Montana The Movie 95,870 -8.2% 2,526,024 $1,868,506 $43,834,009 8
10 Trick ‘r Treat 94,717 -.-% 94,717 $1,419,808 $1,419,808 1
11 Edward Scissorhands 91,185 24.0% $949,044 475
12 Dr. Seuss – Green Eggs and Ham and Other Favorites 85,851 47.1% $446,425 314
13 Spookley the Square Pumpkin 82,751 29.0% $743,931 214
14 Clifford the Big Red Dog: Clifford’s Big Halloween 80,445 32.8% 141,030 $682,978 $1,197,345 161
15 Break-Up, The 77,201 -.-% 3,065,432 $631,844 $51,099,146 156
16 Observe and Report 74,101 -25.7% 394,301 $1,481,279 $7,220,604 3
17 Thomas and Friends: Percy’s Ghostly Trick 70,641 7.5% 136,368 $704,997 $1,360,953 58
18 The Sandlot 69,272 -.-% $542,344 402
19 Matilda 66,461 -.-% $492,476 638
20 Race to Witch Mountain 65,451 20.5% 1,536,879 $1,279,914 $27,956,835 10
21 Bring It On: Fight to the Finish 61,487 19.1% 578,019 $967,805 $10,201,255 6
22 Dr. Seuss’ The Cat in the Hat 61,054 -.-% $478,053 291
23 Superman/Batman: Public Enemies 59,108 -70.1% 256,737 $1,004,245 $4,276,981 2
24 Barbie and the Three Musketeers 58,676 -29.4% 688,531 $879,553 $9,977,578 4
25 Coraline 56,369 5.9% 2,035,827 $910,528 $37,332,174 12
26 Scooby Doo! The Mystery Begins 54,062 -14.6% 293,468 $1,088,376 $5,748,566 3
27 Gran Torino 52,404 -.-% 3,742,591 $605,004 $56,578,091 18
28 How I Met Your Mother: Season Four 52,216 -58.0% 176,516 $1,351,872 $4,458,129 2
29 Sons of Anarchy – Season One 49,305 -.-% 315,685 $1,601,919 $10,128,597 8
30 Grey’s Anatomy: The Complete Fifth Season 49,233 -37.1% 476,550 $1,771,896 $17,328,566 4
All numbers via The-Numbers

News That Caught My Eye: Moses Meets 300? Toy Story 3, Star Trek, And X-Men

October 19, 2009

It’s Monday, and that means it’s time for News That Caught My Eye, where I round up some of my favorite news articles about the movie world from the past week.  In this edition, we have have news about some sequels, a brand new trailer for a hotly anticipated Summer 2010 release, and the most delightfully strange idea ever!

Star Trek Sequel in 2012?

Lots of great information in this one from TrekMovie about the future of the Star Trek franchise.  J.J. Abrams will definitely be back as a producer, but it’s not clear if he’ll produce.  A Summer 2012 release seems likely.

Toy Story 3 Trailer Released

Alright, so this really isn’t a news article, but the blogosphere was all in a tizzy when Disney released the trailer for the latest Disney-Pixar masterpiece.  Toy Story 3 comes out this Summer, and I can’t wait!

The Ten Commandments, 300 Style?

Variety reports that Peter Chernin, over at Twentieth Century Fox, has purchased a treatment of the story of Moses to be told in the style of Zak Snyder’s 300?  This could be amazing, but it may also have “fail” written all over it.  Either way, I’m intrigued!

Bryan Singer To Return To X-Men?

You realize you want to come back to the franchise, now?  Couldn’t you have come to this conclusion before X-Men: The Last Stand?!  Oh, well.  Better late than never, I guess. Via THR.